A Visual Guide to the Lightsabers of the Star Wars Universe

Comparing the size, design and describing the ultimate fate of each lightsaber, this image is the easiest and most straightforward guide to the lightsabers of the Star Wars universe that we’ve ever seen. Well, a more accurate description would be the Star Wars films, because lord knows there were a bunch more lightsabers featured in the various novelizations and comics.

I think my favorite is a pretty close tie between Obi Wan’s original saber he lost in The Phantom Menace while battling Darth Maul, and Maul’s dual-sided saber. Don’t get me wrong, I’d settle for any lightsaber, even Batman’s. And I’ve always wanted a pet Yoda.


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  1. Yoda’s blade should be green – not yellow…

  2. Mace windu’s is purple, not really a star wars geek but I always thought his was coolest because of that

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