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Urban Performer Unit Brings The Pod To The Surface

Even if it looks a little too much like a purse to be completely unisex, as the designers claim it to be, the idea is a snazzy one. The Urban Performer Unit is a handbag with slick crystallized controlling, allowing you to operate your iPod from the Swarovski crystal laced surface. The crystals indicate the iPod’s functions, incorporating an emotional ...

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Pimp out ALL your cellphones in Taiwanese style

When we saw the BenQ-Siemens’ over-pimped  EF-71 phone, we  thought it was a joke. It wasn’t until Samsung announced collaboration with Swarovski then we realized there’s an actual market need. The Taiwanese just can’t seem to wait for those phones to come out, so they started Blinging up their own phones with fancy stickers, and they have to stick them ...

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