Deleted Star Wars Scene Reveals the Creation of Luke’s Green Lightsaber

If you haven’t been paying attention to news coming out of the Star Wars Celebration V event, George Lucas announced that Star Wars would be released in the Blu-Ray format in 2011. Along with this long-awaited announcement, Lucas also revealed a deleted scene which will be included in the special edition box set. The scene follows Luke into the depths of a Tatooine cave where he engineers his green lightsaber after losing his previous model in a duel with daddy Darth.

Star Wars producers also revealed that the original ending of the Return of the Jedi was also never included in the film we’ve come to know and love. Lucas allegedly read the original ending and then totally rewrote it. Han Solo was originally supposed to die in the closing minutes, but because of toy sales, the plan was changed. Since then, official Star Wars canon law prohibits the death of most main characters.


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