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Lando Calrissian Disguise Kit and Other Celebration V Oddities

We’ve covered a few of the awesome and odd Celebration V collectibles in the past few days, but the surplus of eccentricities seems endless. First, George Lucas announced Star Wars on Blu-Ray and unveiled a deleted scene. Then we caught whiff of a Jon Stewart Stormtrooper action figure. But that was just the tip of the asteroid. Included in the ...

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Jon Stewart Stormtrooper Action Figure

Both with and sans goatee. The Jon Stewart Stormtrooper Action Figure was one of the many awesome little gadgets made especially for last weekend’s Star Wars Celebration V convention, honoring the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back and the culture of Star Wars collectibles. Stewart interviewed George Lucas during the Celebration V festivities. Since Jon Stewart’s goatee went missing ...

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Deleted Star Wars Scene Reveals the Creation of Luke’s Green Lightsaber

If you haven’t been paying attention to news coming out of the Star Wars Celebration V event, George Lucas announced that Star Wars would be released in the Blu-Ray format in 2011. Along with this long-awaited announcement, Lucas also revealed a deleted scene which will be included in the special edition box set. The scene follows Luke into the depths ...

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Star Wars Cereal: Grape-Hutts, Count Dookula, Troop Loops and More

Some people prefer to pour a whole box of cereal into one massive bowl. Others like to eat it in human-sized quantities. But you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten cereal using the will of the Force. If you only knew the power of the sugar-coated side. These mini-boxes of cereal will be given to attendees of the Celebration V Collectors ...

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