TosPom Snaps Photos During Game Of Catch


Remember the good ole days when you and your poppy would grab your mitts and head out to the yard for a rousing bout of lobbing a ball back and forth until you started to get too aggressive, so he ran you down and tackled you, permanently leaving you with a speech impediment? What if you could share those moments forever with up close and personal photos? The TosPom is a ball-shaped camera which snaps photos as you throw it to-and-fro.

When the catch recipient catches the TosPom, the camera ball automatically snaps a photo, capturing the expression of the catcher, and displaying the image on a built-in screen, or at least that’s the intention. You figure most of the shots will have the camera facing odd directions, capturing snaps of the inside of your palm and your surroundings as well. They should include this sort of functionality on the next-gen Wii. — Andrew Dobrow

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