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Fetchbot For The Impersonal Dog Owner

Playing fetch with a dog can be a tiresome activity, especially if your dog has the energy of an Ox which has the energy of two Oxen. That’s where the Fetchbot comes in to play. It’s essentially a tennis ball catapult that’s designed to keep your dog busy while you can enjoy the finer things in life, like not playing ...

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DIY Crab Pots

If you’ve ever seen Deadliest Catch, you know crabbing is no bullshit. Raw, powerful and extremely itchy, crabs are ready to claw your nose off before they make it to a pot full of boiling water. If you buy crabs from the market, that’s great and all. But what about catching your own? Kevin Kelly posts these DIY crab pots ...

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TosPom Snaps Photos During Game Of Catch

Remember the good ole days when you and your poppy would grab your mitts and head out to the yard for a rousing bout of lobbing a ball back and forth until you started to get too aggressive, so he ran you down and tackled you, permanently leaving you with a speech impediment? What if you could share those moments ...

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