Tight Denim and A Leather Jacket Is Justice

Fancy the electronic duo� Justice? Why not wear tight black pants along with a leather jacket that just screams, “I swallow!” Gaspard Aug� and Xavier de Rosnay of Justice have teamed up with French label Surface to Air of Paris to create their own limited edition clothing line, complete with a leather wallet. The line is supposed to reflect their hard “rock and roll” image.

Biker bars or gay bars, no matter where you go everyone will know you listen to music with no lyrics. Who needs lyrics anyways? When you’ve got hot beats and cool sounds, no one is paying any attention to the words.

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  1. They don’t scream “I swallow”. They are fucking sick and you know it.

  2. justice is great, if you would listen to them you would know it, you’re the one that fuckin swallows mate

  3. bitch

  4. Yes tony, they are sick. The folks who wear them must also be sick. Because they swallow….

  5. Ryan Ash you are a jealous bitch-made faggot. That’s all.

  6. wow “i swallow!” you must be a real expert at doing that since you even know the right attire to do so!! you need to really get laid or masturbate or something because all this hate you have will soon make you insane i dont hate you i just feel sorry for you…

  7. Xavier and Gaspard get more pussy than you could ever dream of.

  8. WHAT?!?!?!?! they “Swallow”????
    pleeeease…..dont start shit that you cant back up.

  9. creator of this article is probably just a fat loser that wears baggy jeans and shitty ironic internet bought slogan tshirts

  10. FAT FUCK. die.

  11. wow you are a fucking whiney faggot. what a twat.

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