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Paris Wrapped Around Your Finger

The Paris ring features the famous European skyline of the city of Paris, wrapped around your very own finger. Rose, white and yellow 18k gold icons of Paris sit upon a single shank and ring. Hipster bros are going to be all over this in a few weeks, which will totally eliminate any chance of being unique, so if you ...

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Carl Craig Performing With Parisian Orchestra

If you’re not familiar with Carl Craig, Google around and I’m sure you’ll find out that he’s one of the pioneers of techno and electronic music. In recent years, his music has taken more of a house/ethnic approach that has pushed the boundaries of modern electronic music. For our readers in France, if you’re around the Cit� de la Musique ...

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Tight Denim and A Leather Jacket Is Justice

Fancy the electronic duo� Justice? Why not wear tight black pants along with a leather jacket that just screams, “I swallow!” Gaspard Aug� and Xavier de Rosnay of Justice have teamed up with French label Surface to Air of Paris to create their own limited edition clothing line, complete with a leather wallet. The line is supposed to reflect their ...

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Architectural Makeover: Because The Eiffel Tower Is Ugly?

Comparing Seattle’s Space Needle to the Eiffel Tower is kind of like comparing the finest cheddar to Cheese Whiz. The comparison just doesn’t stand. Though if SERERO Architects for the Soci�t� d�Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel have anything to do with it, the comparison might make more sense than ever before, adding to the concept of remodeling classic landmarks. In ...

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The giant multi-touch digital treadmill helps you innovate

For all of you world travelers or French readers, if you happen to have a chance to be in Paris, you might want to take a run by the Adidas Sport Performance Store and see this awesome looking treadmill they’ve got running. The Paris outlet has a mi Innovation Center where athletes and sneaker fans alike can go for a ...

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Louis Vuitton takes on Paris with barbaric oversized style advertising

In proportions that only a fashionista could appreciate, designer Louis Vuitton, in fear that his $1000 handbags wouldn’t earn him enough money to put food on the table, has taken the idea of stylistic advertising to a whole new level. Taken in Paris by a member on Flickr, these gigantic Louis Vuitton proportionally spectacular bags line the store fronts of ...

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