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Chuck Norris Action Jeans: The Only Pants Made for Roundhousing

Not only are these the only jeans ever officially approved and developed by Chuck Norris, but they also happen to make your ass look pretty toight… toight like a toiger. Tight in all the right places, without the camel knuckle. Guaranteed not to bind your legs when delivering roundhouse kicks to the face, the Chuck Norris Action Jeans give you ...

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Levi’s 501 Jeans In A Paint Bucket

No idea where you can get these or who designed them but I want a pair. Of course, I could just go to Uniqlo and pick out any color I damn well please but look! They come in a paint can! Link

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Knit Touchpad Will Render Clothing More Useful

I’ve always wanted to integrate a touch pad into my clothing and thanks to Hannah Perner-Wilson (aka Plusea), that dream could become a reality. For those not familiar with Plusea, she’s all about wearable computing. Her latest work, the Knit Touchpad, is just like the touchpads we use on our notebooks, except this one is made of fabric. It works ...

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Tight Denim and A Leather Jacket Is Justice

Fancy the electronic duo Justice? Why not wear tight black pants along with a leather jacket that just screams, “I swallow!” Gaspard Aug and Xavier de Rosnay of Justice have teamed up with French label Surface to Air of Paris to create their own limited edition clothing line, complete with a leather wallet. The line is supposed to reflect their ...

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