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Vertical Prison: Height Becomes the Wall

As long as no one manages to smuggle in a parachute, this actually seems like a decent idea. We’ve heard of prisons being held on islands, a la Alcatraz, but never did we think that keeping prisoners high would be the answer. It sure would produce some interesting blog posts though. Oh, wait, you mean high as in height? Of ...

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Numark’s Latest “DJ In A Box”

Years upon years ago, I sold my bass amp and bought a couple of shitty Numarks with a shitty mixer and started DJing. It was a blast and I’ve never regretted it. But now that we’re moving into the 21st century, it’s time to ditch the belt-driven turntables of the past and embrace the digital movement. Numark’s “NUMARK TOTAL COMPUTER ...

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Tight Denim and A Leather Jacket Is Justice

Fancy the electronic duo� Justice? Why not wear tight black pants along with a leather jacket that just screams, “I swallow!” Gaspard Aug� and Xavier de Rosnay of Justice have teamed up with French label Surface to Air of Paris to create their own limited edition clothing line, complete with a leather wallet. The line is supposed to reflect their ...

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