15 Best TheWatchSeries Alternatives To Watch Movies & TV Series Online in 2021

What is TheWatchSeries?

Ever since thewatchseries website has been taken down, a lot of its users have been looking for thewatchseries alternatives to continue watching their favorite tv shows. Nowadays, very few of us still use cable TV to watch series and shows as it does not provide the latest video content that we wish to watch.

The usage of cable television has diminished drastically ever since subscription-based media streaming platforms came about. But, these streaming platforms can sometimes be over-priced. Some of the watchseries alternatives provide great content at no cost. 

15 Best TheWatchSeries Alternatives That are Worth Trying!

1. Putlocker
2. SolarMovie
3. 123 Movies
4. Popcornflix
5. Hulu
6. Primewire
7. Vumoo
8. FMovies
9. Bigstar Movies
10. HD STreamz
11. IceFilms
12. Watch32
13. Tubi TV
14. FlixTor
15. WorldFree4U

There are countless websites that you could try accessing to find an alternative for thewatchseries. But we have chosen the best ones that cause you no inconvenience while finding the perfect link.

No watchseries, no problem! We got you. Here are 15 Best TheWatchSeries Alternatives That are Worth Trying!

1. Putlocker

Picture Credit: Putlocker

Putlocker, quite opposite to its name, does not have a lock on its website. We have the key that helps you use this website to its fullest!

Putlocker is an entertainment streaming website that is a great thewatchseries alternative. Putlocker does not just limit itself to streaming tv-series and sitcoms. It offers movies as well.

Putlocker does not require you to register yourself on the website nor do you have to go through a bunch of reviews and advertisements.

Putlocker uses third-party servers to stream their movies and tv series as the website on its own does not stream any of it. It just leads you to another website and you can simply watch what you want! 

2. SolarMovie 

Picture Credit: SolarMovie

As the name suggests this link is like the solar system of entertainment! Everything you can think of as vast as the universe is now on an entertainment platform.

SolarMovie is another great site that is an alternative to thewatchseries website. It offers a wide variety of shows, series, movies, documentaries, and anime.

It is an easy-to-use site that allows you to freely search for anything that you desire to watch in the entertainment industry. The website is self explanatory and serves as a great watch series alternative. 

Think entertainment, think SolarMovie! 

3. 123 Movies

123 Movies
Picture Credit: 123 Movies

123 Movies has been in the field of entertainment websites for many years. Its name has been heard of in the industry when it comes to free movies. 

The easy name of the website makes it all the more accessible for people to retrieve and use. 

The website with the easy name also comes with easy use. 

123 Movies similar to thewatchseries has a wide variety of movies and TV shows and series to watch. It does not just limit itself to western film, cinema, shows, and series, but it also includes a range of Indian sitcoms, soaps, serials, and movies.

The website provides access to the latest releases and is free to use. There could not be any easier website to access movies and dramas!

4. Popcornflix 

Picture Credit: Popcornflix 

Flix or flicks will be provided by the website, but the popcorn you have to arrange for!

This intriguing website – popcornflix has it all. 

Pocornflix has soaps, comedies, tragedies, drama, fiction, biographies, and more! You can access anything you wish to watch including cartoons that made an everlasting impact on you during your childhood.

Trying to find your way to this website can be a bit complicated at first, but rest assured that once you’re in it all you have to do is relax and enjoy yourself to the fullest!

Popcornflix is an easy to choose alternative to the watch series website. It is free of cost and does not require registration from the user at all!

5. Hulu

Picture Credit: Hulu

Name a genre that you remember at the top of your head. Hulu has it! 

Musicals, narratives, tragedies, romance, comedies, and more are all available on Hulu. 

Hulu is much like the watch series website and has a plethora of cinemas to choose from and watch from. It does not limit itself to just movies but also tv series, shows, documentaries, autobiographies, and much more!

It has shows that are embodiments of everlasting entertainment like Friends, Family Guy, Lucifer, Seinfield, and more. 

The website was made so easy that anyone can use it. It is user-friendly and can be accessed by all. Hulu, like the other websites mentioned above, is not free. You will have a free trial that you could use but only upon registering. 

Furthermore, to use the website post-trial periods, you will have to pay $12.99 per month for access to Hulu. 

6. Primewire 

Picture Credit: Primewire

This website is a perfect concoction of the watch series and IMDb. It has free use and immense variety like the watch series as well as ratings by IMDb to gauge your preferences of choosing your films and sources of entertainment. 

The website’s advantages and user-friendly features make it one of a kind!

Primewire is free to use and requires no registration. It is also easy to navigate and helps you filter the search of your favorite tv shows or movies. Nothing makes the process of picking a movie or series to watch much easier than primewire

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What is even better is the fact that you can leave your reviews and suggestions on the website. What better platform that does not just let you watch an entertaining piece but also lets you leave your comments about it and the website. 

They really do care about their users. This is why primewire is the most perfect alternative to the watch series

7. Vumoo

Picture Credit: Vumoo

Vumoo is nothing like we have ever seen before. It might just be one of the best alternatives to thewatchseries.

It has features that are one of a kind with its high-quality streaming, an endless list of movies, shows, series, animes, and more. 

It resembles the features Netflix has alongside the perks of watch series. This website is completely free with no registration needed. It comprises anything you would like to watch in the entertainment industry. 

It filters your searches, lets you know what’s trending, has a search bar, all the while providing detailed information of what you choose to indulge in. 

While watching a show, series, or movie, you can count on Vumoo to let you know the IMDB rating, release date, and the runtime. 

8. FMovies

Picture Credit: FMovies

FMovies is a website with a cape – a superhero, well known by those who have taken the most advantage of high-quality films and shows with no discrepancy. 

Finding your way to fmovies is probably the easiest task you could do. It is super easy to navigate! The website greets you with its search bang right in the center of the screen and lets you get to it by choosing what it is that you wish to watch. 

FMovies does not interrupt your experience with advertisements. Neither does it keep reinforcing you to register or sign up to their website. The choice is completely up to the user. 

Although you are granted an advantage if you register. Upon registering the website tracks what you have watched and enjoyed, and recommends shows and movies similar to those. 

FMovies does the most for its users and makes the website a comfortable place to browse and watch your heart’s desires.  

9. Bigstar Movies

Bigstar Movies
Picture Credit: Bigstar Movies

This website is a big collection of all the star films, shows, and more. It works nicely as an alternative for watch series

The website does not require you to register and you are free to watch anything that is streamed on this large platform of entertainment. However, do keep in mind that there are multiple advertisements that are displayed on bigstar movies 

This website offers a plethora of award-winning and films that were nominated for the Oscars and other film academy awards. 

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Old school blockbusters, classics, musicals, and more like American Bully, Strange Girls, School of Horror are streamed here. 

10. HD STreamz

HD STreamz
Picture Credit: HD Streamz

This website does not just work as a watch series alternative but does a lot more than watch series ever did!

HD Streamz like the name suggests streams everything in HD. This top-notch website has several benefits that we are here to shed light on. 

Have you ever come across a website that lets you watch movies, shows, series, anime, and also lets you listen to music? Neither have we!

HD Streamz is the real deal! 

This website offers live television and radio as well! They can be streamed in remote places across the globe, while in HD.

What is even better is the fact that you can download the app version onto your desktop browser for easier streaming. Downloading the app version of HD Streamz is perfectly safe. The only issue you might face is the website asking you to download the application to run the stream ever so often. 

11. IceFilms

Picture Credit: IceFilms

IceFilms is an easily accessible website that is very similar to watch series! It black theme of the website is sure to catch anyone’s attention. 

It offers a large collection of films, series, and reality television shows. The best part of it all is that it has a feature that shows you the latest movies that are being streamed alongside recently updated episodes and movies.

Name a new release and IceFilms has it. A Love to Remember, Separation, The Mysterious Benedict Society among many others that have been released in 2021 is all ready to be watched in HD on IceFilms.

Another great feature of this website is a chat box that lets users chat with one another about anything. Dedicated users of the page often share their feelings after finishing a brilliant show or movie and provide suggestions to other users as well. 

All of this is monitored and the website also has a chat policy, so don’t you worry!

IceFilms provides you with a description of what you are about to watch with an IMDb rating, genre, runtime, release date, and category.

You are not required to register to stream but the website does interest you in using a VPN for a smoother user experience. 

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12. Watch32

Picture Credit: Watch32

This has to be the easiest platform to watch any form of entertainment with its easy-to-use features!

Watch32 does not make a fuss about any advertisements, redirections, registrations, free trials, and much more. All you have to do is pick something you wish to watch and Watch32 does the rest for you. 

It even mentions the quality the movie will stream at! 

It helps you find something to watch a lot faster with its most-viewed feature. It also has a list of recent Movies and years of movie releases. You can filter your search by choosing a year of release and genre and dive into nostalgia as you stream using watch32.

It mirrors the watch series website that you almost won’t miss. Having a similar name, the website just wants you to relax, grab your popcorn and get ready to watch something.

13. Tubi TV

Picture Credit: Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a class apart when it comes to streaming movies, tv shows, docuseries, and much more. The website is not complicated and the easiest to use with its minimal features. 

It has the option to register but that is completely up to the user. This is such a great alternative to watch series with its HD streaming. It has plenty of shows and movies that one would consider the underdog. These shows, series, documentaries, and movies may not be commercially available but Tubi TV has them all. 

It has all genres and has a variety of shows and movies for kids to watch as well. Not forgetting to mention that it is absolutely free!

14. FlixTor

Picture Credit: FlixTor

You may miss watchseries but only until you come across FlixTor. This is a perfect alternative for the watch series

It has extraordinary features that help you filter your search to find something you want to watch. It has filters that help you choose between movies and TV shows, genres, year of release, quality of stream, movies, and series with subtitles, and the best of all, country-specific options.  

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The website offers the option of registering, but that is completely up to the user and their choice. You do not have to pay to stream since all of it is free and there are no advertisements that interrupt your watch.

What’s holding you back from going directly to the website and binge-watch your favorites or latest releases. 

15. WorldFree4U

Picture Credit: WordlFree4U

If the sky’s the limit then WordlFree4U is the sky!

This website is much like the many sites like watch series. It has everything you wish to watch from movies to tv shows and it is not limited to just western cinema.

WorldFree4U includes Bollywood movies as well as tv shows, soaps, and much more. While touching upon Indian films, you can find almost all regional films. South Indian movies are streamed on this platform as well in HD quality. 

Although you may not be able to stream on the website itself, the platform offers a download to then view your film or show of choice.

It is free to use and does not require any form of registration and has zero disturbances from ads!

Thewatchseries new sites

Since the old watchseries site is down. Thewatchseries has created new websites for watching your favorite TV shows.

  1. www3.watchserieshd.ru
  2. thewatchseries.live
  3. watchseriesfree.co
  4. www4.watchseries.ninja


Ever since thewatchseries was taken down, users have been looking for alternatives to enjoy tv shows and movies. Luckily, we have formulated a list of all the websites that will let you continue your seamless streaming.  

So what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn, get a comfortable seat and skim through movies and series that these websites provide!


What does TheWatchSeries offer?

TheWatchSeries is a streaming platform that lets users watch movies and tv shows for free. It has a wide variety of entertaining soaps, cinemas, and much more of the highest quality. It is a favorite among many with its easy-to-use features!

What Happened to Watchseries, Is TheWatchSeries Down?

Unknown circumstances have caused the website to stop working. The streaming platform has been down.

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