15 CouchTuner Alternatives That are Working & Safe for Watching Movies in 2024

There have been many websites that let us stream movies for free. But each of them rose and fell for various reasons, CouchTuner being one of them.

Even though Couchtuner fell, there are various Couchtuner alternatives that you can test out which might be surprising as they offer some of the best video content. To our surprise, these couchtuner alternatives work and are safe for watching movies in 2024.

What is CouchTuner?

CouchTuner is like a perfect mix on web browsers with entertainment and cable tv. CouchTuner is a great website that offers movies, tv-series, documentaries, and more on their website alongside those that air on television. Shows and films aired on networks like HBO and ShowTime are also available on this web. 

Third-party content providers work as a channel to stream movies and shows on this website. The CouchTuner website is easy to navigate and is completely free. Users don’t have to register on the website or pay any fee to access the content. This is why CouchTuner is such a great website and a crowd favorite. 

Why are People Looking for CouchTuner Alternatives?

 Frequent users have been looking for CouchTuner alternatives since they are unable to access the website. Due to unknown reasons, the website abruptly stopped working. Many suspect it is because the website provided free movies and tv shows, and series that they didn’t own, causing the owners of those files to petition to take them down.

15 Best CouchTuner Alternative Websites for Watching Movies, & TV Shows

Now that we know why users are looking for CouchTuner alternatives, our only other option is finding them! We are here to save you from taking on a time-consuming task by curating the perfect list that will let you find sites like CouchTuner.

1. WatchSeries
2. TV Muse
3. Xfinity
4. Soap2Day
5. Watch Episode
6. Vid Strum
7. Cafe Movie
8. Rainier Land
9. Popcorn Flix
10. Just Watch
11. Crave
12. The Dare TV
13. Prime Wire
14. Couch Tuner Hub
15. Tubi TV

Here are the 15 best CouchTuner alternative websites for watching movies and tv shows.

1. WatchSeries

Image: WatchSeries

WatchSeries needs no introduction. It is a great website that has been around for several years and is a favorite among users. Watchseries is a website like CouchTuner that offers the stream of movies, tv shows, documentaries, reality television shows, and much more for absolutely no cost.

This website has various third-party links that provide entertainment services. You can view almost anything for absolutely no cost and enjoying surfing the website to find new shows and movies to watch on this user-friendly interface.

WatchSeries became well known to many when premium shows that aired on HBO and Zee Cafe were available on the website at the same as it was airing on tv. Game of Thrones, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and more were easily accessible on the website in HD quality, and there were no interruptions like registrations and advertisements. 

2. TV Muse

TV Muse
Image: TV Muse

TV Muse takes it one step further when it comes to free entertainment. It offers a wide variety of movies, shows, series, musicals, and much more in the highest quality possible and various genres.

TV Muse is an excellent CouchTuner alternative. It doesn’t just stream movies for adults but also includes films and tv shows for children and young teens like Spongebob Squarepants, iCarly, The One and Only Ivan, and many more covering classics and latest releases as well. 

TV Muse is safe for people of all ages to use, and they can enjoy endless streaming in HD quality with no interruptions from ads or registration requests. The website offers all of this content at no cost.

3. Xfinity

Image: Xfinity

Xfinity is probably one of the classiest websites to make it on this list. This site has been around for a few years and has always been the first to deliver outstanding quality. The website has a beautiful organization of its content, which makes it very easy to navigate. 

Xfinity doesn’t just stream movies, tv-series, and animation series for free but also includes talk shows and reality tv. Furthermore, Xfinity lets you download your favorite content for free.

There is an option to register, but that’s up to the will of the user.

This website is a binge-watchers dream come true with the limited advertisements that appear when streaming entertainment for free. What’s even better is that Xfinity has a separate segment for music-related news with live updates. 

Xfinity is a website better than CouchTuner because it’s also available for download as an app on the App Store, PlayStore, and Amazon Appstore.

4. Soap2Day

Image: Soap2Day

Soap2Day is unlike any other website that streams movies and shows. Soap2Day is for the user, and its features speak for themselves. This entertainment website offers movies, tv shows, series, and much more in every genre, by year, and most-watched content on the website. 

What sets Soap2Day apart from other websites is the ‘contact us’ feature. This feature lets you send in queries or requests for different shows or movies of your choice to upload onto the channel. 

The website has an easy interface making it simple for users to view what they want. Furthermore, Soap2Day’s content is from third-party service providers that offer videos of the highest quality and without interruptions. All of these features combine to make Soap2Day a great alternative to CouchTuner.

5. Watch Episode

Watch Episode
Image: Watch Episode

Might we just say that Watch Episode has the most exciting website design that will glue you to your seat. Its black and pink aesthetic is so eye-catching alongside how easy it is to use the website.

Watch Episode is specifically for tv series! They take their niche very seriously and are meticulous about how the series and episodes are in categories on the website. 

The website displays what series are trending with people’s reviews and ratings on the right. 

The website also offers a category called ‘scheduled’ that lets us know of the shows and episodes scheduled to view; post its upload, making it easy for anticipating viewers. All of the great features, including the fact that the website is entirely free and requires no cost to view any series, make for a site similar to CouchTuner. 

6. Vid Strum

Vid Strum
Image: Vid Strum

Let’s just say this before anything else: navigation to this website is a piece of cake, and you can find anything that you wish to watch on here.

Vid Strum is a website similar to CouchTuner because of the massive amount of content it has. Unlike web browsers like Netflix and Amazon Prime that limit range based on your country or region, Vid Strum doesn’t discriminate this way.

Any tv show or series you wish to watch is available and provided by third-party service providers with minimal to no ad interruptions and good video quality. Vid Sturms website design is much like Netflix, and it also lets you stream this fantastic content on your Apple TV or through Chrome Cast. 

7. Cafe Movie

Cafe Movie
Image: Cafe Movie

Cafe Movie is a crowd favorite. Users often resort to this website as an alternative to CouchTuner. It offers many shows, series, and movies that you can for no cost and with the highest video quality. 

Cafe movie is a better alternative than CouchTuner because of the unique features it possesses. The website layout is much like Amazon Prime Video and displays a section where you can view what movies are playing in the nearest theatres and at what time.

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It has a plethora of movies, tv-series, shows, documentaries, biographies, and more in every genre. The website has every single piece of content thoroughly arranged into a category.

8. Rainier Land

Rainier Land
Image: Rainier Land

The Darkest Minds, The Purge, Fallout, Adrift, and many other movies from genres like romance, comedy, horror, thriller, etc., are available on this website. Rainier Land is the epitome of an excellent variety of movies, great video quality, and free content.

Rainier Land is the perfect hub for streaming movies on its website that includes both classics and the hottest releases in the industry. Rainier Land has every show that you could think of when it comes to TV series and shows. 

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Rainier Land streams entertainment that doesn’t just have an easy user interface but also provides features that make it simple for people of all ages to use. It also includes a category of IMDb ratings that lets users know the quality of the content they are going to view. This is one of the many websites like CouchTuner for movies. 

9. Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix
Image: Popcorn Flix

You bring the popcorn, and the website will provide you with the latest flicks. Popcorn Flix is a great alternative to CouchTuner with its concise and systematic website with various movies, tv-series, musicals, documentaries, and more. 

The website is so easy to use with minimal buttons and categories. It has a search bar that lets you look for the movie you want to watch without wasting much time scrolling. On the other hand, if you’ve not decided what you want to watch, the home page has it all!

Popcorn Flix has three simple categories: Movies, tv shows, and viral videos. The additional touch of the viral videos lets you watch funny, silly, and motivational videos of pets and humans – which is why Popcorn Flix is a site like CouchTuner.

10. Just Watch

Just Watch
Image: Just Watch

As the website’s name suggests, you don’t have to worry about anything else; all you have to do is Just Watch. 

Just Watch is better than CouchTuner. Here’s why: this entertainment streaming platform is a culmination of all streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Disney+, Apple TV, Hulu, Paramount, Discover+, and many more. 

So the next time someone suggests a movie for you to watch and says it’s available on any of these streaming platforms, don’t fret. This brilliant idea of a website attracts several users daily. 

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Just Watch charges no money to view any of the content available on the website and guarantees HD quality videos. Although if you do wish to watch a particular film or tv series on the actual website, you might have to pay a small fee of $1-3.99, depending on what you’re streaming. 

11. Crave

Image: Crave

This is pretty much what the website aims to do – make you crave more. Crave is an easy-to-navigate website that lets you watch hundreds of shows, movies, and reality tv. 

This user interface lets you download any movies or tv shows available around the world and in any language. Crave doesn’t limit access to shows and movies based on your location or region – that’s what makes it better than any other streaming service. 

Crave has a collection of movies, shows, and series segregated for young adults, children, and adults. This website is not complex, which makes using it compatible with people of all age groups. 

Crave also has a separate category called ‘my cravings’ that you can customize once you register on the website. The only drawback of this website is that nothing is available for free. But the payment fee is a very reasonable amount.  Users are willing to pay this amount since what airs on cable tv also airs on this website simultaneously and for a fraction of the cost. 

12. The Dare TV

Image: The Dare TV

There’s no catch – it’s free and of high quality. The Dare TV might confuse users about why such a website would provide free content with no cost and HD quality. This website is an excellent alternative to CouchTuner because of its similarity in service.

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You can stream any tv series or movies you wish to. Besides, the website lets you make requests for movies and shows that aren’t available on it. The Dare TV also has a forum that allows users to provide their feedback and ratings, making it easier for people to decide their next movie or show. 

13. Prime Wire

Prime Wire
Image: Prime Wire

Prime Wire is one of the most common alternatives to CouchTuner. This entertainment streaming platform has an extensive collection of movies, tv-series, shows, and much more. 

Prime Wire does offer premium content and subscription, but that is the choice of the user. 

You can skim through the list of movies and tv shows listed on the homepage or in the categories provided like genre, release date, country, last added, top IMDb, and top watched entertainment. 

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You name it, and Prime Wire has it. The only possible drawback about the website is that when many people use it simultaneously, sometimes there can be an overload on the server, causing your movie to pause mid-way.

14. Couch Tuner Hub

Couch Tuner Hub is the best alternative to CouchTuner since it’s practically the latter’s child. Couch Tuner Hub came out soon after CouchTuner crashed and provides similar features and collections of movies and tv shows constantly updated.

The website design of Couch Tuner Hub is very similar to CouchTuner’s, so if you were a frequent user of the website and miss it, you will feel right at home with Couch Tuner Hub.

You can also post comments or feedback to the website and even make requests for shows or movies that aren’t available, although that is almost unlikely considering they have it all! 

Couch Tuner Hub doesn’t limit itself to movies and tv series but also has shows, reality tv, and much more for your entertainment, all without any cost. 

15. Tubi TV

Tubi TV
Image: Tubi TV

Tubi TV has to be one of the best alternatives to CouchTuner easily. The website is straightforward with its interface. You want to watch a movie – click on it, and it plays in HD quality. 

It also provides the option of registering, but that decision is up to the user. Tubi TV has movies from all genres like Not Cinderella’s Type, Conjuring: The Genie, and many more. This great website has movies from all years and streams classics like John Wayne, alongside latest releases like Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind.

All of this is entirely free on the website and has no interruptions regarding payments and pop-up ads. 


What is the new CouchTuner website?

Sadly as CouchTuner got taken down, several alternatives are much like the CouchTuner website. The fifteen alternatives mentioned above are like the new CouchTuner website. But technically, Couch Tuner Hub is the latest version of the CouchTuner website and is quite similar to its predecessor.

What happened to CouchTuner & Why is it down?

Since CouchTuner was a website that offered free movies and shows that it didn’t own, the owners of original content usually fine notices to take them down. Although not confirmed, this usually happens to websites that offer content for free that they don’t own.

Which Are The 5 Best Alternatives For Couchtuner?

The five best alternatives for CouchTuner are Tubi TV, Couch Tuner Hub, Popcorn Flix, Watch Series, and TV Muse.

Does Couchtuner have viruses?

Yes. Since we already touched upon the fact that CouchTuner was using borrowed content for free, it is also quite clear that the website wasn’t legal. Websites like these use third-party streaming services whose links and redirections can easily infect your system with viruses. 


We understand the urgency of viewing a show or binge-watching series, but often this leads to hurried searching of links that cause malware to our devices’ system. This is why we have curated a list of alternatives that work just like CouchTuner, are safe and easy to navigate. 

Don’t waste another moment looking for websites like CouchTuner. We did the research so you could enjoy your leisure time to the fullest!

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