15 Best Rainierland Alternatives for Watching Movies, & TV Shows Online in 2021

There is nothing more depressing than your favorite movie site shutting down. Rainierland free movies were a go-to for many during the pandemic and otherwise. Online streaming gives you the flexibility to watch content according to your whims and fancies. Switch between series at any time.

Watching movies and tv shows on sites like Rainierland exposes you to great content from different countries and across languages. It feels terrible that this amazing site has closed down but you don’t need to panic. But worry not, there are many Rainierland alternatives that you can use to watch any movie or tv show, which give you a similar experience like Rainierland and sometimes even better.

Top 15 Rainierland Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

We’ve got a list of 15 Best Rainierland alternatives for you that give you a similar experience and update you with the latest movies. These sites will keep you entertained with a large library of movies; new as well as classics and tv shows. 

1. Popcorn Time 
2. Popcornflix
3. Primewire
4. 123 Movies
5. Los Movies
6. Cmovies HD
7. Netflix
8. Mega Share 
9. Watch Series
10. Movies Time
11. Solar Movies 
12. Putlocker 
13. Hubmovies
14. Free Movie Cinema
15. Amazon Prime

1. Popcorn Time 

One of the best alternatives for movie site Rainierland is Popcorn Time. The wide range of movies and tv shows collection is flawless. The site is easy to navigate and allows you to download videos. 

It lets you stream content for free! The site is well put together, you can filter your searches and also gives appropriate suggestions. Choose from multiple languages for audio with subtitles. It gets even better with HD quality streaming along with optional data saving mode. There are minimum advertisements so less disturbance while movie streaming.  

2. Popcornflix

Image: Popcornflix

Another alternative for Rainierland movie streaming is Popcornflix. It is perfect in many ways, it has a great collection of movies that is well-organized and easy to use. If you are into short films, you will love this site. It has an amazing pool of short films for you to stream. 

Get insights into movies with their descriptions and reviews that help you to make the best movie choice. Users also get access to a lot of tv shows. All the content on this website is free for streaming. Pop-ups on this site randomly show up, but don’t worry it won’t spoil your movie experience. 

3. Primewire

Image: Primewire

There is another amazing alternative for Rainierland and that is Primewire. It is one of the easiest movie and tv show streaming sites. It has an amazing catalog of genres ranging from documentaries to horror and many more are available here. Stream many of the popular series and movies from around the globe. 

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Though the content is free to watch, you need to sign up with the website. You can easily watch videos at 360p but you will have to get the premium version for HD quality videos. 

4. 123 Movies 

123 Movies
Image: 123 Movies 

Another popular Rainierland alternative is 123 Movies (previously, GoStream), with a huge collection of series and movies. They have millions of users thanks to the user-friendly interface. There is also a lot of Anime and Kdrama content that users can indulge in.

The site lets you download and/or stream HD quality videos as well. There are a lot of popups that may disturb your streaming experience. With the varied content you are getting under one platform, you wouldn’t mind these ads. 123Movies gives you free access to all their videos. 

5. Los Movies

Los Movies
Image: Los Movies

With over 100 million users, Los Movies is a popular alternative for Rainierland. The expansive collection of movies and series will surprise you and that too without spending a dime. 

The site has a mediocre interface that can be a tad bit boring but the array of movies and series makes up for it. You can watch many of the videos in multiple languages with subtitles. At times the loading speed of videos is slow which is not that much of a big deal. There are fewer times when you will have pop-up ads to disturb you. If they do, they last for 2 to 3 minutes. Los Movie is a good Rainierland alternative that will keep you entertained and engrossed. 

6. Cmovies HD

Cmovies HD
Image: Cmovies HD

CmoviesHD sticks true to its name, letting users stream HD quality videos. They have a huge assortment of movies and series as well. From the most popular comedies like The Office or Friends to mysteries the vampire diaries, you will find everything here. 

Easily access all the latest releases. You can get features like tracking previously watched content and movie suggestions and reviews if you register with the site. The limited popup ads make for a happy streaming experience. The site offers all the movies and series for free. 

7. Netflix

Image: Netflix

We have all heard of ‘Netflix and chill’ thanks to the widespread audience Netflix has. It is one of the largest platforms for streaming movies, web series, and tv shows. Their own shows and short films like Dark, Orange is the New Black, The Crown, The Irishman Extraction, and many more have contributed to its ever-growing popularity. 

Netflix has something for everyone, it always keeps you glued to their platform with the broad variety of video content. Stream videos in 360p or HD quality, the choice is yours. The site and their app have zero ads as users have to register and pay for it. It does come with a one-month free trial but after the trial period, you need to pay to get access to the content. 

8. Mega Share

Mega Share
Image: Mega Share

Another good alternative for Rainierland is MegaShare. It also has a wide range of movies and series for all movie addicts. 

The site has a dull-looking interface but don’t let that bother you, it offers some of the best content from around the world. It is a user-friendly site. Many movies and series are available in multiple languages with subtitles. It even has filters to sort out the best content that you wish to watch according to your mood. Deciding what to watch is easier on MegaShare as it offers movie descriptions and reviews. Watch the latest movies or classics for free on this site. There are random popup ads that can bother you while you watch your favorite movie or shows. 

9. Watch Series

Watch Series
Image: Watch Series

For all those who can never decide what to watch, Watch Series is for you. This is a good Rainierland alternative for streaming movies and shows. 

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It has a simple interface that makes it very user-friendly. The huge variety of movies and series is well categorized under different genres. It also offers reviews and descriptions to make it easier for you to decide what you want to watch. There is no registration needed to access the site and all the movies and series are free to view.

Many pop-up ads show up when you are searching for content rather than while watching shows or series. This may get annoying and frustrating for many users. 

10. Movies Time

Movies Time
Image: Movies Time

Movies Time is another fantastic alternative for Rainierland that is also widely popular. This site has an app as well for easier viewing on any of your preferred devices. 

Users can explore the vast collection of movies and series on this site.

There is almost everything that you want to watch from every corner of the world available on Movies Time. The site is easy to navigate and user-friendly. Most of the popular dramas from Asia as well as American sitcoms are readily available here. There are tons of short films for all the short film lovers that you can binge-watch.

Users also get the option to download videos. You can stream videos in 360p or HD quality. All the content on Movies Time is free, making it a great choice for watching movies and tv shows online. 

11. Solar Movies 

Solar Movies 
Image: Solar Movies

Solar Movies is a widely popular platform for streaming movies and tv series. It has over 70 million users making it one of the trendiest platforms. It offers a varied range of genres that include biographies, documentaries, docuseries, and a lot more. 

Many movie streaming websites ask users to register to get access to content but not Solar Movies. It lets users watch movies and tv series for free without any signing up. The interface on this site is fairly simple, search for your favorite movies or series in the search bar situated at the center of the site. 

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Another really helpful feature available on the site is it shows options like the Latest releases, Most watched, Featured, Top IMDB, and many more. Movie and series description, as well as reviews, is also available for users, that makes it easier to narrow down on what to watch. The site has very few popup ads that make watching movies and tv shows seamless and highly enjoyable. 

12. Putlocker

Image: Putlocker

Putlocker is one of the best alternatives for Rainierland. It has a massive reserve of movies and tv series to choose from. Everything is available to watch from the classics of yesteryears to the latest hits. All this and more for free. 

The site provides a search bar to search for movies or series of your choice. It has more than 50 categories that you can explore. A cool feature is the ‘Trending’ list that shows what’s trending making it easier to choose what to watch. The interface is simple and easy to navigate.

Want suggestions on movies and tv shows? Register with the website to get free suggestions based on your streaming history and also allows you to keep a track of what you watch. Putlocker is a great website and will keep you busy for a long time. The minimum number of ads on this site makes it even more appealing for watching movies and tv shows. 

13. Hubmovies

Image: Hubmovies

One more wonderful alternative for Rainierland is Hubmovies. The movies and series available come in all genres. It is the simplest and easiest site to use. The interface is user-friendly. 

The broad variety of categories allows users to surf through and watch a lot of interesting content.  There are a fair amount of popup ads that show up at random but not so frequently. A good thing about this site is the description available for movies and series. It helps the users to get a gist of the movies and series before actually watching them. You wouldn’t need any other platform for online streaming, once you have this one. The site lets you stream all the content for free.

14. Free Movie Cinema

Free Movie Cinema is a striking alternative for Rainierland. It is unique from other streaming sites. It offers some of the most unique short films, music, series, and classics. 

The variety of full-length feature films is also well categorized. 

The interface of this site is simple and clean. It has a search bar to quickly search for videos of your choice. They have well over 500 movies available to watch. The site has two important options like Most popular and Recently liked posts that make it easier for users to choose what to watch. 

Users can also download videos from this site. There are many filters to aid your searches. The popup ads are almost none so that’s a huge plus point for many movie buffs. All the content is available for free. The site might sometimes not have all the latest releases, that’s quite a drawback. The loading speed on this site is pretty fast and smooth. If you are looking for content that is different from the usual, you will love Free Movies Cinema.

15. Amazon Prime

Another fancy site similar to Netflix that offers premium content for its users. It has a wide range of movies, web series, and tv shows. Almost everything out there is available on Amazon Prime. 

It is ad-free as it is a paid platform for online streaming. Amazon Prime also has its original shows and movies that are brilliant and garner a lot of praise. The users have to sign up and pay to access all the wonderful content on this site. Though they do offer a free one-month trial that you can indulge in before you purchase the subscription. Amazon Prime also has an application that is easily accessible on any device. The interface is simple and navigation is the easiest on this site and app. 

You can stream and download videos in HD quality as well as 360p which is fantastic. It lets you watch three titles simultaneously from the same account. In addition to movies, documentaries, and series it also offers options to stream live sports and music.  


What happened to Rainierland?

Rainierland was an illegal site for video streaming, that is the main reason why it shut down. The site gave users free access to pirated videos without any license or copyright. The site was violating copyright laws leading to the arrest of the owner, Rainier Tamayo. He is now behind bars and will serve his sentence for 12 years. 

Does Rainierland still work?

Rainierland does not work anymore. It is an illegal streaming site that has shut down but briefly came back as ‘rainierland.is’. It lasted for a short while before the authorities closed down that too. Currently, the domain is inactive. Many countries have strict laws about the illegal streaming of movies and series so beware before you access such sites. The owners try to keep changing the URL to bring the website to life and evade authorities. There are ways users can access it through a VPN or a Proxy Site but we strongly discourage users from doing that. As it may put you at the risk of infecting your system with viruses, malware, or spyware if you don’t have strong anti-virus protection. 


It is quite upsetting to lose your favorite free movie streaming site like Rainierland. But these multiple Rainierland alternatives that we have put together will quench your thirst for good video content. Leaving a few, many of these sites are free. Paid platforms might be a little expensive but it gives you 100% safe video content. You will also get good-quality videos and no annoying ads. 

For many people affording heavy subscription fees for Amazon and Netflix is difficult, the listed sites will give you great content for free. Plan movie nights and binge-watch all your favorite movies and shows from these sites that offer you guaranteed fun and entertainment.  

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