What Happened to Mangastream – 18 Best MangaStream Alternatives Websites

What happened to Mangastream? Mangastream has gained a lot of popularity over the years, thanks to Manga, the Japanese art form of cartooning that has been slowly but surely getting a lot of appreciation around the world. But, unfortunately, Mangastream didn’t last for too long and now we have the various mangastream alternatives that give us a broad range of content related to Manga.  

Manga comics have a cool edge over all the other comics. They have sustained their popularity because of their unique ability to change according to times. It offers an escape from reality to a happy place. It has become cool again. At some point, everyone wanted to be a manga artist. The meticulous drawings and engrossing storylines keep you engaged and asking for more.

What is Mangastream?

Mangastream is the most sort after website for all Manga fans. It had nearly a decade-long and very successful run. It provided a wide range of Manga content from action, sci-fi to adventure. With a simple interface, it made it extremely user-friendly. It also gave the option to search for your favorite Manga. The users could translate the original Japanese content into their preferred languages. The website offered all this for free which made it even more popular.  

18 Best MangaStream Alternatives Websites 

Unfortunately, Mangastream is down after a decade-long service of providing escapism. Worry not, we have a list of the 18 best Mangastream alternatives for reading Manga Online in 2021. Go back to your favorite Manga with these alternatives and enjoy the joy of reading Manga comics. 

1. MangaStream.today
2. TenManga
3. MangaOwl 
4. MangaEden
5. MangaKakalot
6. ToonGet
7. Mangapark
8. MangaHere
9. Mangago
10. MangaPanda
11. MangaReborn
12. Manganelo
13. MangaReader
14. KissManga
15. MangaTown
16. AnimePlanet
17. Mangairo
18. MangaDex

1. MangaStream.today

Image: MangaStream.today

MangaStream.today is a good alternative to Mangastream. It has a simple interface making it user-friendly. It lets you browse through a large database of manga comics. The content is neatly categorized according to the genre of the comics. It includes sci-fi, adventure, romance, comedy, action, horror, and much more. It lets you bookmark your favorite manga to easily go back to it. The website is free and needs no account to access the content. Pop-ups are the only concern regarding this site. 

2. TenManga

Image: TenManga

TenManga is the latest alternative to Mangastream. The website has a good interface and is easy to use. You can search for your most loved manga in the search engine provided. It has a 55+ variety of genres to choose from. TenManga gives its users a unique feature called ‘surprise’ that suggests content for you when you want to read something new or don’t know what to read. This website has no pop-ups to disturb your reading experience. 

3. MangaOwl 

Image: mangaowl

MangaOwl is a good alternative for Mangastream and one of the most popular as well. It gets frequently updated with the latest manga content. It releases WSJ episodes even before their official release, one of the reasons for its popularity. It has a clean and simple interface and lets you search for the manga you like. There is also a discussion forum available to share information or simply discuss the latest updates with other manga fans. This website is not only free but also ad-free. 

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4. MangaEden

Image: MangaEden

Another alternative to Mangastream is MangaEden. It has limited manga genres to choose from. It is a fairly simple website to use. They update the comics on a regular basis so you get the latest content. Though the site is free, you need to register with the website for some extra features.  

5. MangaKakalot

MangaKakalot is another good alternative for Mangastream. Looking at the website, it seems like it’s made for kids with all the colors popping and an easy interface. If you are new to the Manga world you can start with this site as it has everything and completed mangas as well. It is easily accessible from any platform and is free. There are no pop-ups on this site. 

6. ToonGet

Image: ToonGet

ToonGet is a good site to get all your manga and anime content. It has a simple website and is very easy to use. The well-updated content on this website gives users a good experience. The website is accessible from any device with no registration needed. 

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7. Mangapark

Image: Mangapark

This is yet another good alternative for Mangastream. It has a great collection of manga content with a fairly simple website. The website gives the users a unique experience. It lets you change the themes from dark to light. It is one of the most loved websites for manga lovers. 

It provides the best quality content and keeps updating the comics. 

Users can bookmark their favorite manga. If you don’t want to see adult content, you can even turn it off. Other features include a zoom-in option for images and you can choose how many images you wish to see on your screen. Use any device to access this website and has no pop-ups. Many users will find it the most convenient website. 

8. MangaHere

Image: MangaHere

Mangastream has another great alternative, MangaHere. It lets you access a collection of more than 10,000 mangas that will keep you hooked on for a long time. You will find not just Japanese manga but also manga from Hong Kong, Europe, and even China. The website is quite attractive and navigation is easy here. The manga collection is well categorized in genres like sci-fi, comedy, horror, and many more. The content is regularly updated. It also has a search bar for users to search for any manga they like. Users also get a separate section of ‘Manga Spoilers and News’ to keep them updated about the latest news. 

There are no pop-up ads on this website to spoil your manga experience. The website also has an android app. 

9. Mangago

Image: Mangago

Mangago is the best alternative to enjoy manga comics. It is a complete package. It has a huge database. The collection includes Dragon Ball Z, Astro Boy, Naruto, and many more.  The beta version of the website offers the best features to its users. This site will please everyone, there is something for all age groups. There is a feed section to keep the users updated with the latest news. Got questions? The site also allows you to post your queries there. It is ad-free and accessible on any device. 

10. MangaPanda

Image: MangaPanda

It is a decent alternative for Mangastream with a good collection of manga comics. The genres include horror, comedy, romance, and more. The website has a stark resemblance to Mangastream. Mangastream fans will surely love MangaPanda. The content is regularly updated. It also offers a ‘surprise me’ option to get surprised with new content.

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The website also offers anime and Chinese movies to its users. This website is not recommended for children as it has no option to turn off the adult content. The website is accessible from any device but has a lot of pop-ups that can annoy you. 

11. MangaReborn

Image: MangaReborn

MangaReborn is a community for manga lovers. It’s gaining a lot of popularity. The maroon and white theme makes the website look edgy. The navigation on this website is easy. It has a news and forum section to keep you updated about the latest happenings in the world of manga. It also allows you to read comics in German and Italian. Use any platform to access the website. It is free but might ask you to register at some point. It has no pop-ups.

12. Manganelo 

Image: Manganelo

For people who are looking for an extensive collection of manga comics, look no more. Manganelo is the place to be. Choose from more than 40 genres. In addition to this, they also have sections like the latest manga, newest manga, and hot manga. The high-quality comics make it a very popular website.  The comics are updated frequently. It’s a simple yet powerful website. The website is accessible from any platform and is ad-free.

13. MangaReader 

Image: MangaReader

MangaReader looks a lot like MnagaPanda and has a similar feel. It has an interface with manga comics in English similar to that on Mangastream. It provides a standard range of categories that manga fans can explore. There is no option to turn off the adult content, not recommended for children. You can also watch anime on this website. You can search for a particular manga with the first letter of the title. The quality of the prints is excellent. It has an android app for people who wish to download it on their phones or tablets. Be prepared for a number of pop-ups on your way.   

14. KissManga

Image: KissManga

KissManga has a limited database of manga comics but it makes a good alternative for Mangastream. The good quality content makes up for the lack of a vast variety of categories. It updates its content on a regular basis and sends notifications about new chapters added or any new updates. This site is children friendly, lets them browse through the website easily. No interruption while reading is a joy and this website lets you read seamlessly without any ad popups. You can easily access this website from any platform. There is also an option to easily share your favorite manga. The website allows users to send them feedback. 

15. MangaTown 

Image: MangaTown

This one is yet another best alternative for Mangastream. It has a quirky interface that is easy to navigate, It brings you an enormous database of manga comics ranging from vampire, adventure, romance, and many more. The genres are well-categorized on this website. The website has a fresh look rather than the same old boring interface as the other manga websites. The user gets a unique experience.

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Other features that a user gets are notifications about the latest updates, the buzzing hits currently, an a-z directory to search for your preferred manga, and also lets you see what you have completed reading. You can follow the website’s Twitter and Facebook pages to get more updates. You can also share your loved manga with your friends from this website. The website is free and free from popup ads as well. You can access it from any platform without any trouble. 

16. AnimePlanet

Image: AnimePlanet

AnimePlanet is a good alternative for Mangastream, with a satisfactory range of manga comics. The website has a simple interface and is easy to browse through. In addition to manga, users can also watch anime. The manga collection is updated frequently on the website. The best thing about the website is the fact that users don’t need to sign up to access manga or anime content. It is a free website. There are no ad popups and no disturbance. 

17. Mangairo

Image: Mangairo

Mangairo is another popular Mangastream alternative you can try out, it won’t disappoint you. It has a clean interface, making the user experience easy. It segregates comics into the newest to the currently trending manga. The website updates the collection of comics regularly. You can search for your favorite manga with the search tab which also allows you to select the genres. Users can read comics in different languages on this site. The website is free from popup ads giving readers an undisturbed experience. Easily access this website from different platforms.   

18. MangaDex

Image: MangaDex

Another great alternative for Mnagastream is the MangaDex. It has an average collection of manga comics for its readers. The comic collection is frequently updated. The website has a pretty basic interface that is easy to handle. It also offers different versions of comics that include different-colored versions, fan-made endings, and much more. The comics on this website are available in more than 20 languages. The forum section allows readers to discuss the latest updates or their views about manga. No annoying popup ads to disturb readers on this website. MangaDex is easily accessible through various platforms. 


What Happened to Mangastream, Why it is Down?

Your free Mangastream is gone, however difficult it is to digest it is true. Mangastream shut down because they wanted to promote the legal reading of manga content. The original makers of manga comics wanted people to read legally sourced content. There is another reason which was to push the likes of MangaPlus into the mainstream to provide free manga content. There were also rumors which suggest that Mangastream faced copyright issues from the original creators who believed it was providing illegal content. After all, the content on Mangastream was majorly sourced from fans of the Japanese comics. 

Do These Sites Charge For The Content?

No, these websites don’t charge users for the content they provide. Some sites may ask users to register on the website to get access to some additional features they provide. You can watch or read Manga comics for free on these listed websites. You do not need to pay for any content. 

Is Taking The Subscription Necessary?

The answer is, no. These websites don’t need subscriptions. Though some may ask you to sign up. 

How To Stop Pop-up Adds On These Websites?

Popup ads are absolutely annoying on any website but especially on a manga streaming website. It breaks the flow of reading and makes the reading experience unpleasant. There are ways to stop popup ads on these websites. One such is by downloading and adding an ad-blocker extension on your internet browser to have an ad-free reading experience.


These Mangastream alternatives give you a unique experience. Don’t miss out on it. Manga lets you explore a world beyond your imagination. It’s an escape from the mundane reality you’ve always wanted to run away from. Manga gives readers peace in this chaotic world. These manga comics teach you to never give up on your dreams. There is nothing more inspiring than manga comic experience. Once you enter the world of manga, there is no going back. The characters and storylines are so intricately woven, that it is almost impossible to get out of the loop. It keeps you hooked on for a really long time. 

So what if Mangastream is not working anymore. Move on to this array of websites that deliver a crisp manga world to get lost in. These websites allow you to read your favorite manga online is one click. Search from tons of content and satisfy your hunger for manga comics. Stream free manga content on these 18 best Mangastream alternatives and you won’t need anything else. Try it out now. 

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