SolarMovie – 15 Best SolarMovie Alternatives for Watching Movies Online in 2021

When was the last time you decided to flip through channels on your tv to watch a movie of your choice? Watching any show or movie through cable tv certainly means having to watch what is available.

You don’t really have a say in what plays! That is only partially true, you have a say in what plays for you if you use the Solarmovie alternative. These Solarmovie alternatives give you a wide range of movies and series to choose from and indulge in. 

What is SolarMovie?

Solar Movie is the holy grail of online entertainment platforms. It consists of movies, tv shows, tv series, documentaries, animes, and more in all possible genres that you could think of! 

There are no limits to SolarMovie when it comes to streaming anything of your choice during leisure. Solar Movies has been the website for many especially when it comes to watching various entertainment shows and movies for free! 

Best SolarMovie Alternatives for Watching Movies in 2021

  1. Vumoo.To
  2. PutLocker
  3. MoviesJoy
  4. Movie4K
  5. Yifymovies
  6. Popcornflix
  8. YesMovies
  9. LunchFlix
  10. CineBloom
  11. LookMovie
  12. GoMovies
  13. CONtv
  14. BMovies
  15. Moviewatcher

Sadly since SolarMovie got taken down, its loyal viewers have been running helter-skelter to find sites like SolarMovie. Websites like solarmovie may be plenty, but we have carefully picked out the best sites that are hassle-free and easy to access!

Listed below are the 15 best solarmovie alternatives for watching movies online in 2021!

1. Vumoo.To

Picture Credit: Vumoo.To

One of the best alternative sites to solarmovie would be It is an easy-to-use website that lets you watch movies, tv shows, tv series, documentaries, and more. 

You can stream anything on this website for free without having to register! 

There are no redirections or advertisements that will interrupt your streaming. You can choose to watch anything you wish to, either on the website or you could also download them in HD. It offers you unlimited streaming of everything available on this entertainment platform. 

The search button helps you explore various genres and different time periods with the liberty to explore. There are no limitations when it comes to

2. PutLocker

Picture Credit: PutLocker

If there is anything this website does; other than offering streaming services in the highest quality is avoid locking any content for you. The only thing it might lock you to is your seat! 

Putlocker is a great solarmovie alternative. It also includes animes and Asian dramas, something that is often missed on other websites. Putlocker doesn’t require you to register on their website. You also have the choice of picking if you want to watch the movie or tv series online or download it in HD.

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Putlocker values its users and gives them their voice to provide opinions by giving feedback about various issues that they could face while surfing this website. It also has IMDb reviews that help you pick your choice of a movie based on expert reviews. 

If you have trouble trying to choose a film or tv series to watch, putlocker has your back! They have a most viewed section that lets you know what the users have been watching the most.

3. MoviesJoy

Picture Credit: MoviesJoy

The title speaks for itself. It seems like this website was particularly made for its users and solely based on their happiness. This is one of the many movie sites like solarmovie. 

Do not let the name of the website limit your expectations of this platform to stream only movies. They also have tv shows, sitcoms, and tv series that are available. The website also does not have advertisements to interrupt your streaming, except for one that might have to be viewed before playing your chosen stream.

MoviesJoy is a site like solarmovie that plays a movie or tv show through streaming servers. Some of these servers allow you to download their media while some others do not have this option. 

Regardless of this, you do not have to register yourself to the website or subscribe to any trial package as well. Everything you desire to watch is completely free. 

4. Movie4K

Picture Credit: Movie4K

Movie4k promises the movies and the 4K quality that comes with streaming on their website. 

Movie4K is a great alternative to the solarmovie streaming platform considering the variety that it offers. 

You can watch the latest releases like A Quiet Place Part II, Cruella, Spirit Untamed, and much more on this site like solarmovie. The features of this website offer various categories that help you find your choice of movie or tv show better. It also has movies and tv shows for kids!

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Movie4K does not just limit itself to streaming films and tv series in English but also Hindi, Turkish, French, Arabic, Italian, Russian, and much more based on the country that you reside in.

The only setback that movies 4k has in comparison to solarmovie is the fact that you have to register yourself to stream or download any media. But that should not stop you from watching anything you wish to in the highest quality from this website.

5. Yifymovies

Picture Credit: Yifymovies

You haven’t been able to find the latest releases anywhere for free? Then yify movies is the entertainment website you are looking for! 

It is a rather developed website which makes for an alternative to solarmovie. The streaming platform consists of tv shows, movies, series, dramas, documentaries, and much more. 

It doesn’t just let you watch series and movies like any other website but offers you the option of rating it for yourself, so the collective review by the audience helps you find similar shows or movies and helps find suggestions for future watches with ease. 

Another great feature of this website is the free streaming with no need for registration! 

6. Popcornflix

Picture Credit: Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a great reminder of a website to grab your popcorn and chill out. This alternative to solarmovie offers HD videos, tv shows, and random viral videos on the internet.

You do not have to register yourself to view anything and neither are you redirected to random websites that could cause your system any sort of virus. Popcornflix is direct when it comes to delivering top-notch movies. 

You do not have to register yourself to watch anything that is available on this entertainment platform. You might have to watch one advertisement, that you can skip at the beginning of any stream. Apart from that, you will have no inconveniences that you would face other than this minor one. 

Picture Credit:

This is yet another solarmovie alternative that works perfectly for someone that is looking for great content. It is a secure website that offers its users just what they’re looking for. 

Users can reap the benefits of HD streaming any show, movie, series, documentaries, biopics, anime, cartoons, and more without having to register on the website. You also will not be redirected to any other website when you click on play. It almost instantly plays your selection. is constantly upgrading its library of cinema and entertainment so you do not have to visit other websites to find the show or movie you want to watch. You can also stream anything you wish to for longer hours in comparison to any other website.

That is what sets apart from any other and makes it a great alternative to solarmovie.

8. YesMovies

Picture Credit: YesMovies

Don’t think twice about it and just say yes to YesMovies! This entertainment streaming platform, without a doubt, does the most for its users. Here is why it serves as an alternative to solarmovie.

You can either download or stream movies, shows, sitcoms, dramas, documentaries, series, cartoons, and more. The choice is completely up to you! YesMovies is quite popular among many because of how user-friendly it is and makes it a smooth functioning website for those eager to watch something that their heart desires.

It also has options to help filter your search by either IMDb rating or categories. There are options of signing up or logging into the website, but it is left up to the decision of the user. 

9. LunchFlix

Picture Credit: LunchFlix

Lunchflix fits perfectly like a scrumptious meal on a rather hungry day. Perhaps that’s why it’s called Lunchflix. But there is one thing we are quite certain about, and that is Lunchflix being an amazing alternative to solarmovie.

Lunchflix is a website that has a homepage filled with the latest releases that are constantly revised and upgraded. This website also has a ton of other features that include categories of movies based on their year of release. It has films, shows, sitcoms, series, and movies in categories of genres. 

To help you save time with picking a specific movie or show, there is a search bar that leads you directly to what you’re looking for. 

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Lunchflix is known to provide premium content and hence it has thousands of users visiting the website every single day for high-definition streaming.

10. CineBloom

Picture Credit: CineBloom

Cinebloom, true to its name, has a blooming list of cinemas, films, series, shows, dramas, and more. Cinebloom’s minimalist and easy-to-understand website makes it user-friendly.

Cinebloom is another great alternative for sites like solarmovie. It lets you stream any form of entertainment shows on the website without charging you for it. Furthermore, there is no requirement to register or subscribe to any website. 

Latest releases can be found on the homepage helping you make your choice quicker and keeping you up to date with everything that is trending. 

11. LookMovie

Picture Credit: LookMovie

LookMovie is an upcoming streaming platform for entertainment. It is a site like solarmovie that lets you stream animes, asian dramas, reality tv shows, tv series, web shows, and more. 

LookMovie gives you detailed information about the year of release of a movie or tv show, alongside an IMDb rating, genre and duration of the film. The servers used on this website are known to be highly efficient and very low on having any performance errors. 

Another great feature that makes LookMovie stand out from the rest of the websites linked in this article is the fact that it provides movies and shows with subbed and dubbed versions. 

12. GoMovies

Picture Credit: GoMovies

GoMovies stands apart like none other because of its one-of-a-kind features. This website is dedicated to its users. GoMovie is without a doubt a solarmovie alternative. 

GoMovies has the easiest website that lets anyone use it without any disturbances. You don’t just get to watch films, movies, series, documentaries, and much more but you can also download them with a quality of your choice. 

It is so simple to use that you could use any device to stream whatever you want to watch.  What makes this website even better than what it already is the fact that you can leave your comments and rate the show or movie you were just watching. 

That way you can pick your next watch based on the ratings other members of the website have left, or they could benefit from your comments as well. The cherry on top of the cake feature is the fact that you can add what you liked to your favorites to easily revisit again.

13. CONtv

Picture Credit: CONtv

Do not be misguided by the name of this website. This website is solely dedicated to comics! This serves as a specific alternative to solarmovie. 

CONtv has all the comics ever made right here collectively on one website. You don’t have to take the trouble of searching the entire internet to find your favorite comics. The website has the option of signing up, but it is completely up to the choice of the user if they wish to do so. Streaming on this website is completely free and costs nothing. 

What’s even better about this website is that they do not just stream comic shows but appreciate the pure art of comics by letting you read them as well. The features of this website categorize it in a way that lets you find a must-read category where you can read from an endless list of comics. 

Comic shows to watch and read? What’s not to love!

14. BMovies

Picture Credit: BMovies

BMovies is yet another website that is like solarmovie. This is because of the simple features that the website has. Not to mention that it is also completely free to use!

Bmovies has a search bar that lets you make your quick pick. It also has categories based on a country that you choose as well as IMDb ratings to help you pick your next watch according to reviews by experts. 

Although movies do have advertisements and pop-ups, it shouldn’t stop you from streaming high-quality shows and movies on this site. 

15. Moviewatcher

Picture Credit: Moviewatcher

Moviewatcher, like most websites, has a homepage filled with the latest releases. But what makes moviewatcher a great choice to watch your favorite movie or show would be the fact that it has an IMDb rating on the cover of the film so you don’t have to click on the film to read and find out. 

This makes it a great alternative for solarmovie. It displays the movies currently playing in theatres, most viewed movies, recently added movies, and recently added tv series. 

This is quite unlike any other website with the features that they offer. Not forgetting that it doesn’t have any issues with loading movies or delivering high-quality entertainment. 


What Happened To SolarMovie?

Unfortunately, solarmovie has some issues with ISPs. They have prohibited the website from functioning.

Is SolarMovie Down? 

Solarmovie is not down yet. It has not been confirmed or proven.

What Are The 3 Best Alternatives For SolarMovie? 

To experience the same quality and hassle-free user experience of solarmovie, the three best alternatives to this website would be moviewatcher, putlocker, and yesmovies.

Are SolarMovie Alternatives Free? 

Yes. Most of the solarmovie alternatives are free and don’t require you to register.

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