KissCartoon – 15 Best KissCartoon Alternatives To Watch Movies In 2021

With entertainment streaming platforms taking the world by storm, certain aspects about them remain unsatisfying. Take, for example, the fact that certain tv shows, series, or movies limit themselves to particular regions that we cannot view.

This is where entertainment websites like KissCartoon come in. These websites offer a wide range of tv shows, movies, documentaries, tv-series and much more for absolutely no cost. But, sometimes it may happen that you will be redirected to other sites that are not safe, this is when you can try out the 15 kisscartoon alternatives mentioned below that will give you a smooth streaming experience.

What is KissCartoon?

KissCartoon is a versatile website made particularly to view cartoons or animation series. KissCartoon is the holy grail for animation, and you can stream all of this on the website for free, and there is no need to register.

15 Best KissCartoon Alternatives in 2021:

Looking for websites similar to KissCartoon that offer the same brilliant quality with an easy-to-use website is quite tedious. We don’t want you to click on websites that redirect you to other web pages and find a way to contaminate your system with viruses. 

We want you to have the smoothest experience when looking for KissCartoon alternatives without dealing with redirected links and unnecessary registrations or payments.

We have curated the perfect list that helps you find the 15 best KissCartoon alternatives to watch movies in 2021.

1. ToonGet
2. KimCartoon
3. KissAnime
4. Toonova
5. Cartoon Network
6. Crunchyroll
7. Nyaa
8. Nickelodeon
9. Watch Series
10. ToonJet
11. AnimeDao
12. Disney Now
13. Funimation
14. AnimeToon
15. CartoonsOn

1. ToonGet

Image Credit: ToonGet

ToonGet is a reliable entertainment website that works as a KissCartoon alternative. Most users trust this website because of how consistent they have been with their domain name. Usually, many other entertainment websites keep changing their domain names which confuses frequently visiting users.

ToonGet’s design is user-friendly.  It has all of the animated films and tv series organized alphabetically on the homepage.  

ToonGet has dubbed anime, cartoons, full movies, popular series, daily episodes, and Korean drama. What sets toonget apart from competitor websites is that this website also lets you read the manga. 

Furthermore, ToonGet is entirely free to use and doesn’t require you to register on the website to watch anything. 

2. KimCartoon

Image Credit: KimCartoon

There are many KissCartoon alternatives, but nothing compares to KimCartoon. KimCartoons’ sleek black design is one of the classiest animation websites with its simple interface. KimCartoon has a search bar that lets you choose whatever it is that you wish to watch. 

It has a home page, cartoon list, and cartoon movies that are available from different regions. This entertainment website also has a category of cartoons based on years, genres, ongoing, and completed shows.

There is also a registration button, but it is ultimately left up to the user to choose if they want to register or not. Moreover, the website is entirely free to use. 

Make full use of this brilliant website that provides one link to view your favorite cartoon show or movie without redirections. 

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3. KissAnime

Image Credit: KissAnime

The fandom of anime grows every single day. KissAnime is a perfect website for all anime lovers because it practically has every single anime under the sun. From the most popular and commercial anime to the underrated genius series, KissAnime has it all. 

This website is specific to anime-only; it doesn’t involve cartoons of other languages and cultures. KissAnime has one of the easiest and simplest sites that people of any age group can use.

The website doesn’t even have a registration button, and users can watch every single anime listed on the website for absolutely no cost.

4. Toonova

Image Credit: Toonova

You can watch your favorite cartoons and anime like Ben 10, TheBrak Shop, or Avatar on Toonova –  it’s one of the great alternatives to kisscartoon. This website is kid-friendly and streams anime and cartoons that are safe for kids to view. This entertainment website has been around for many years; they are also available on the playstore for android users. 

Toonova’s website layout is much like Toonget, where you can watch Asian dramas, read manga, and view dubbed anime. They provide additional features for you, like series ratings, reviews, year of release, and genre.

This website already provides us with such good services, and it also includes ad-free use with no cost and no registration.

5. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network
Image Credit: Cartoon Network

The list of websites that work as alternatives to kisscartoon keeps getting more impressive, and cartoon network is one of them. We all know how nostalgic cartoon networks make us. It was practically what our childhood consisted of.

Cartoon network steals the show when it comes to kisscartoon alternatives cause the website doesn’t just have cartoons to watch, but it also includes games, videos and is downloadable on any device – through playstore or app store.

Cartoon Network is house to many classic cartoons like Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes, Addams Family, and more. It also includes the latest cartoons available on the network and is easily accessible. 

Unlike other websites with redirected links and explicit or unnecessary advertisements, cartoon network has none, which makes it safe for your children to browse without adult supervision.

It is safe and free! -the two most essential things required for children when watching cartoons.

6. Crunchyroll

Image Credit: Crunchyroll

This website is as interesting as its name. Crunchy roll offers to stream unlimited anime and cartoons in HD video quality.

Crunchyroll offers news alongside shows, manga, and games. This website provides the classics as well as the latest animes that have aired. The website offers Asian dramas as well, not limiting itself to just Korean dramas. 

Crunchyroll, unlike other kisscartoon alternatives, isn’t free. It offers a fourteen-day free trial, after which you will have to make a payment of $7.99 every month. This is a great bargain for all the premium content they offer. 

7. Nyaa

Image Credit: Nyaa

You want to watch original anime directly from the source – then this website is for you! Nyaa is a web browser that helps import Japanese anime, cartoons, tv shows, games, and Japanese songs. 

You don’t just get to watch whatever you want, but you can also download the tv shows and anime for free in the highest quality possible with a fast download speed.

There is no cost to view shows on the browser, nor is there any charge if you decide to download them. Nyaa has a straightforward and old-school website design that makes it very easy to navigate. 

8. Nickelodeon

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

Another browser that used to be a channel on tv, enjoyed by all is Nickelodeon. This kisscartoon alternative is of top-notch quality with its interactive and fun website design and navigation. 

It streams all the classics and new cartoons and kids’ shows from Spongebob Squarepants to Power Rangers and more. Not forgetting to mention teen and kids favorite – the teen choice awards. This award show is solely dedicated to people in this age group, giving recognition to star/celebrity teens and children.

Nickelodeon’s website is entirely free. It doesn’t allow you to download any shows or episodes, but you can enjoy all of it with no restrictions on the website. It is kid-friendly and has no advertisements that interrupt your streaming. 

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9. Watch Series

Watch Series
Image Credit: Watch Series

The Watch series is a public favorite. This website has been in use for several years and allows access to almost any show or movie for free. 

Watch series doesn’t limit itself to cartoons or anime but also offers tv series, shows, movies, documentaries, and much more.

Watch series has multiple links to watch your video from, providing you with options and ease. Some of the websites connected with watch series to share videos are onwatchseries, fmovies, kissasian, putlocker, and many more.

Watch series not just makes a great alternative to kisscartoon but also makes an excellent kissasian alternative. You do not have to register yourself on the website, and neither do you have to make any payment or fee to view. 

10. ToonJet

Image Credit: ToonJet

ToonJet easily has to be a favorite among teens, children, and animation lovers. ToonJet is the epitome of inclusivity when it comes to animation entertainment. 

This website doesn’t just limit itself to anime but also offers marvel animation shows, Disney cartoons, and the DC universe animated tv shows.

The website is safe for kids to use and doesn’t interrupt with ads. You can also download shows and videos at a faster pace without compromising on quality. 

ToonJet also includes games like Looney Tunes, Teen Titans, Street Fighter, and much more from all genres and for all age groups. This unique website also includes blogs that you can read.

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11. AnimeDao

Image Credit: AnimeDao

AnimeDao is a dream website for all you anime lovers out there. The website will catch your eye with its fun yet straightforward design. 

All anime on the website are into two different categories: ‘watch all anime’ and ‘dubbed anime.’ 

AnimeDao is one of the best alternatives to kisscartoon. It also offers manga to read from all genres – classics to the latest editions. 

AnimeDao, although limited to anime, won’t let you miss out on other shows and tv series. Once you step into this website and watch an anime, you will find yourself glued to your devices. 

AnimeDao lets you stream your shows without interruptions, in the highest quality, and entirely free.

12. Disney Now

Disney Now
Image Credit: Disney Now

Disney Now is exciting to view regardless of your age. I’m sure Disney was a channel that never left the tv screen during leisure times. Disney is one website that caters to children of all age groups, including teens.

Disney offers Disney Junior, Disney Channel, and Disney XD. It is such a fun and interactive website that will let children have the best user experience. Disney Junior lets children pick out emojis that are mystical and funny. It is such a fun interface that keeps the children and teens coming back for more. 

Disney Now is an excellent alternative to kisscartoon with its fun website, tv shows, and cartoons. This website is entirely ad-free, streams videos of the highest quality only. 

13. Funimation

Image Credit: Funimation

Funimation as an anime streaming website has made watching shows a lot easier for many. If you have a tough time following the anime while reading the subtitles in English, then Funimation has the perfect solution for you.

Funimation as a website has all the possible anime you could think of but dubbed in English. The dubbed anime makes the viewing process so much simpler!

This website is easy to navigate and has organized categories to find and view your anime. Furthermore, Funimation offers a premium plus option that costs only $5 a month! 

Imagine diving into the world of premium anime content for a small price every month.

Due to these one-of-a-kind features, Funimation makes a great alternative to kisscartoon.

14. AnimeToon

Image Credit: AnimeToon

Animetoon is the perfect hub for cartoons and anime. It offers cartoon series, Korean dramas, comics, and manga in all genres. What’s even better about animetoon is that you can download it as an app on your android device. 

The website is easy to navigate, doesn’t include registration, and is completely free. No payments, fees, or ad interruptions while streaming your favorite series and shows makes it a great alternative to kisscartoon.

15. CartoonsOn!

Image Credit: CartoonsOn!

CartoonsOn is so diverse with its content. They have cartoon shows, anime, cartoon movies, a blog, and specific categories for particular characters you might be looking for. 

CartoonsOn is the biggest name in cartoon websites and is a user favorite. 

You can stream your shows on any device and can always count on the fantastic HD quality offered. It is safe for kids to use and watch shows with no interruptions from misleading ads and no requirement for registration or payment. 

CartoonsOn wonderful features make it a great alternative to kisscartoon! 


How do you know any site is legal and safe to use?

Pop-ups redirected links, click-me ads usually appear on websites that aren’t legitimate. These websites are often not legal and unsafe to use because of the virus that might enter your software. 

Some websites will display a warning mentioning you should download a VPN to watch – this usually means that the website isn’t safe to use. But don’t you worry, all the kisscartoon alternatives mentioned above are safe and legal!

What happened to Kisscartoon?

The website was successfully running for several years and is a user favorite because of its beautiful features. Kisscartoon shut down abruptly sometime in 2017 and hasn’t worked again ever since.

Is Kisscartoon Safe?

Kisscartoon is a safe website to stream cartoons and shows. It’s completely free to use and has no interruptions. For further protection, you could always use a VPN.

Are Kisscartoon alternatives safe?

Yes. Most of the KissCartoon alternatives are safe. We guarantee that the other options mentioned in this article are secure to use.

Is Kisscartoon legal?

Yes, it is legal. Kisscartoon is a legitimate website to stream cartoons, anime, Korean dramas, Asian dramas, and more.


Every movie or cartoon streaming platform charges a fee or redirects to unnecessary links that can frustrate users. To avoid the anticipation of finding a new website that works as a great alternative to kisscartoon, we have curated the perfect list for your ease.

You don’t have to go around looking from one website to another. Sit on your most comfortable couch or chair and enjoy unlimited anime and cartoons available on these websites.

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