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How to Change Your Verizon Phone Number Easily?


Have you had the same Verizon phone number for years now and wish to change it? If yes, then this blog is here to help you out. However, you may need a new phone number for ample reasons. For instance, someone might want to change their number because certain people have been bothering them for quite a while. On the ...

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Verizon iPhone 4 Sales Seem Small

Numbers that have leaked out of Apple show that the Verizon-branded iPhone 4 sold just under 4,000 units in its first five days. While many outlets are saying that these figures are disappointing, it's far from the worst news in the world.

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GEARDeals: Amazon Offering Verizon’s Samsung Fascinate for $0.01

Just as they did for AT&T’s Galaxy S release, the Samsung Captivate, Amazon.com is offering Verizon’s adaptation of the Android device, the Samsung Fascinate, for only $0.01, yes, one-cent, with a two-year contract. No other strings attached. I ordered a Captivate thorough Amazon when that sale was going on and saved myself a few hundred bucks. The Fascinate is equipped ...

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Blackberry Tour Hits Verizon Next Month

Verizon users are grinning. There’s finally a new phone in the pipes that people will actually want to buy. It’s the Blackberry Tour and it costs as much as an iPhone 3GS and drops July 12th. What’s that magic $199 price tag net you? The Tour of course can do 3G but it also has a nice 3.2-megapixel camera with ...

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New Sony VAIO P Netbook From CES

Sony unveiled the P-series VAIO at the International CES this year, stunning laptop users everywhere. This netbook is nothing like others on the market. For starters, the form factor is long and thin, like a baguette of bread. It has a badass display, full-size keyboard, Vista, Verizon built-in 3G and the coolest part, an instant-on OS. Want to just browse ...

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