The Results Are In — Your ISP is Probably Cheating You Out of Bandwidth

Most of us have a sneaking suspicion that we’re not getting quite what we pay for out of our ISP. For example, just having Road Runner “Turbo” can cost you up to $90 (depending on where you live), which really doesn’t give you amazingly fast internet. However, a new study by the Federal Communications´┐ŻCommission´┐Żstudied 13 US broadband providers, and confirmed what we’ve all suspected — you may be getting cheated out of bandwidth.

Only four of the 13 companies studied reached their promised download speed. Worst on the list? Cablevision, which had less than 50% of its promised download speed.

The lax regulations on bandwidth are the main reason why companies can get away with promising you certain bandwidth speeds, and then not being able to guarantee that you’ll receive them. Hopefully, new regulations will be put in place to change this.


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