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Universal Signs Up For “Asteroids” Movie

Don’t ask me how they are going to make a movie out of a game based on outlined pixels, but apparently they’re willing to try. Universal Studios has picked up the rights for the “Asteroids” movie. The film will be produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura with a screenplay by Matthew Lopez. “Asteroids” literally had zero plot, unless you count a ...

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Universal Phone Charger Announced By GSM Association

Praise be to Beetlejesus! If you’re like any normal human being, chances are there’s been a time where your cellphone has started to die and you bring up the age-old question: “Hey, does anyone have a charger I can use?” Of course not! You’ve got an LG and I’ve got a Samsung. Ray has a Motorola and Christie has the ...

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Is Universal Buggin’?

Nothing is for free in this world. Unless of course you work for Universal and get free screenings. Then of course you try to sell DVDs of your shiesty recordings during the screenings. That’s the reason behind Universal Pictures canceling all non-executive employee screenings until further notice. According to Nikki Finke’s source: “…some dumb fuck pirated Wanted at one of ...

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RoboStool Is The Stalker You’ve Always Wanted

This robot may not be well versed enough in sports to partake in Robot Soccer, but it’s certainly lazy enough to be a sports fan. With three different modes of control: universal remote, beacon navigation, and thermal sensor following, the RoboStool tries its best to find you, so it can take the weight off your feet or die trying. Labeled ...

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What is Proporta Smoking?

An e-mail from usually-decent accessories manufacturer Proporta landed in my Inbox this morning. It was for a Universal iPod Dock that’s supposed to fit the iPhone, iPod, etc. and charge it via USB. OK. Fantastic, right? Not really. Problem is, according to the pictures on the product page, it looks like they took a goddamned iPod cable directly from Apple ...

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Universal battery gives you hours of extra play time on laptop

Everyone who travels with a laptop knows that gut-wrenching feeling when you�re far away from an outlet and your battery is at 4%, and to top it off you�re halfway through writing a report for your boss. This is not a feeling anyone wants ever, and so American Power Conversion came out with 3 Universal Notebook Batteries at CES. The ...

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