Universal battery gives you hours of extra play time on laptop

apc universal notebook battery

Everyone who travels with a laptop knows that gut-wrenching feeling when youíre far away from an outlet and your battery is at 4%, and to top it off youíre halfway through writing a report for your boss. This is not a feeling anyone wants ever, and so American Power Conversion came out with 3 Universal Notebook Batteries at CES. The 3 models are the Universal Notebook Battery 50, 70, and 90. The smallest one (the 50) retails at $100 and is supposed to provide up to 4 hours of battery life, depending on what youíre charging. Whatís great about this model is that it is really small so you can take it almost anywhere without a problem. The middle one (the 70) is set to retail at $150 and is said to give an estimated 6 hours of battery life. This one is a little bigger, and it can go underneath your laptop. Now for the big daddy: the 90 is said to give a whopping 8 hours of extra battery life and is set to retail at $200. This one is just sweet because it fits under your laptop and has an LCD to tell you how much battery is left. If youíre prone to forgetting to charge your notebook, or you just are away from a charger for long periods of time, spending $200 on the big battery might be a great purchase for you. — Nick Rice

90 Watt-hour Universal Battery adds 8 hours of Notebook runtime [Gizmag]

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