What is Proporta Smoking?


An e-mail from usually-decent accessories manufacturer Proporta landed in my Inbox this morning. It was for a Universal iPod Dock that’s supposed to fit the iPhone, iPod, etc. and charge it via USB. OK. Fantastic, right?

Not really. Problem is, according to the pictures on the product page, it looks like they took a goddamned iPod cable directly from Apple (the logo is still there on the cable!) and shoved it inside a plastic housing that was mass produced in Taiwan, China or Switzerland. I mean, Apple’s official iPod Dock has an audio-out port so you can hook it up to your stereo system. Proporta’s doesn’t it looks like.

So tell me, Proporta: Why should we buy your dock for $22? I see iPod USB cables for $4 online. Buy some Play-Doh for $2 and you have yourself a Universal iPod Dock. I’m not disowning Proporta or writing them off as a company. I just want to know who thought this was a good idea.


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