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Real-Time Augmented Reality Equips Your Home with a Holodeck

I envy Spock in so many aspects of life that it’s almost sad. I said almost! His odd, yet charming pointed ears, his vast intelligence and superior brain, his hot piece of space tail (Uhura), even his uncanny resemblance to Leonard Nimoy. But perhaps most of all, I envy his use of the Enterprise’s Holodeck. Amazingly, the RT2 chara AR ...

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Social Networking Mouse Pads Remind You To Update Your Status

Not that you need any help to further your procrastination, but these Social Networking Mouse Pads, inspired by the design of Facebook and Twitter, will never let you forget your favorite social network. In other words, plan to never get another shred of work done, ever. But the creators of these pads have added a dose of wit to their ...

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Playstation Home To Launch Tomorrow

Sony has finally gone on the record to say that the long-awaited Playstation Home service will launch tomorrow in open beta form. This means anyone with a Playstation 3 and a broadband Internet connection will be able to sign up for the service, flinging themselves into Sony’s online virtual world. Sony suggests using a Bluetooth headset to add to the ...

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Facebook Is Very Real

As far as social networking sites go, Facebook’s popularity is unmatched. It’s a good thing it isn’t real life, otherwise I’d be getting poked all the time. The comedy group “Idiots of Ants” portray what it’d be like if people took social networking features and acted them out in person. The video goes into detail showing a satirical Facebook chat ...

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I Have No Life On Google’s Lively

Step aside, Second Life. There’s a new time-wasting virtual social network just released by Google. It’s called Lively and it’s your ticket to the cyber world, complete with emotes and customized avatars. Screw that pay to play bullshit on Second Life. Hell, no one wants to hear your lame cyber concert anyways. Play on a real stage or go home! ...

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