New Klout Score Algorithm Causes Internet Rage

What’s your Klout score? Has it changed drastically in the past 24 hours?

Last night, Klout updated their score algorithm, announcing the new changes in a blog post. Supposedly, the new changes are meant to make the scoring system more accurate at measuring a user’s influence.

Though Klout claimed that the majority of people would see their Klout score stay the same (or go up), over 1,000 comments on Klout’s blog post are primarily from people who saw a drastic drop in their Klout scores. For some users, their score dropped more than 20 points.

Many people took their rage to Twitter, which is ironically one of the networks where Klout measures influence. Right now, Klout claims that they’re going to implement a new “score insight” feature, which will give users a better understanding of how their score is calculated.


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