Real-Time Augmented Reality Equips Your Home with a Holodeck

I envy Spock in so many aspects of life that it’s almost sad. I said almost! His odd, yet charming pointed ears, his vast intelligence and superior brain, his hot piece of space tail (Uhura), even his uncanny resemblance to Leonard Nimoy. But perhaps most of all, I envy his use of the Enterprise’s Holodeck. Amazingly, the RT2 chara AR Project is close to making simulated reality a real reality.

Demoed at Digital Content Expo 2010, the RT2 AR chara Project incorporates motion capture technology and CG to create networked, real-time augmented reality environments similar to that of a holodeck. I can see this leading to more than just entertainment, but a valued communication and workplace tool. Can you imagine workplaces and schools completely in the realm of AR? That’s where the technology is leading. After the jump, check out the video demonstration of the RT2 AR chara Project.

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