DoCoMo’s AR Walker Prototype Brings Augmented Reality to the Streets

As of today, the only widespread use of augmented reality lies through the lens of a smartphone camera. But even that barrier between the phone and yourself reduces the realism of what’s supposed to feel like reality. NTT DoCoMo put their AR Walker prototype to the test at Ceatec, where some spectators waited up to an hour to try out the new technology.

The AR Walker is based on augmented reality technology which allows you to connect a tiny display to a pair of glasses which is wirelessly connected to a smartphone running software and integrating GPS data. The Walker utilizes a gyro sensor which can determine which way the user is looking. When the wearer looks up, they see information about the current weather conditions. Looking to the side provides information about the stores and restaurants you make eye contact with. When looking straight ahead, the AR Walker provides navigation information. For now the technology is limited to use at walking speed and only in Japan, but DoCoMo says that it could move overseas in the future.


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