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Traffic Sign Technology

Just as signs have changed to fit the times since the Roman period, in the future, road signs will need to change again to ensure they are relevant to the society they are required by. In the very near-future, it’s likely we’ll begin to see more digital road signs.

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Foxy Magnetism

Foxes may see more than we know: if a team of wildlife biologists is right, they could use magnetic cues to help them judge their predatory leaps.

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Real-Time Augmented Reality Equips Your Home with a Holodeck

I envy Spock in so many aspects of life that it’s almost sad. I said almost! His odd, yet charming pointed ears, his vast intelligence and superior brain, his hot piece of space tail (Uhura), even his uncanny resemblance to Leonard Nimoy. But perhaps most of all, I envy his use of the Enterprise’s Holodeck. Amazingly, the RT2 chara AR ...

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DoCoMo’s AR Walker Prototype Brings Augmented Reality to the Streets

As of today, the only widespread use of augmented reality lies through the lens of a smartphone camera. But even that barrier between the phone and yourself reduces the realism of what’s supposed to feel like reality. NTT DoCoMo put their AR Walker prototype to the test at Ceatec, where some spectators waited up to an hour to try out ...

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Plane Finder AR iPhone App Uses Augmented Reality to Track the Planes in the Sky

While developer pinkfroot limited has been using the transportation game as a means to an end for his application development for a while now, we’ve never seen a transportation app quite like this. Plane Finder AR utilizes GPS technology, real-time air traffic mapping and augmented reality to create a whole new transportation experience for those who still have their feet ...

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