Twitter Now Has 100 Million Active Users

Remember how when Twitter was launched in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, many analysts predicted that it would be “a passing fad”?

Well, looks like they were wrong. Dead wrong, in fact. Just recently, Twitter announced on their blog that they’ve surpassed 100 million active users. An active user, of course, not counting the dead and abandoned accounts that people register but never use.

Out of those 100 million, 50 million log on to their Twitter account every day to check their timelines. Approximately 40% of all active Twitter users login for the sole purpose of getting news from around the world.

Now that Twitter supports 17 different languages, it’s rapidly gaining a global following (intentional pun is intentional). Even the Dalai Lama and the Pope have their own Twitter accounts.

With the social networking world becoming more widely accepted, it will be interesting to see if Twitter ends up changing any of its key features in the next few years.


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