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Stance Angle Chair: Just plain weird ergonomics

This chair doesn’t look comfortable at all. In fact, if you didn’t know that it was made to improve ergonomics, you’d probably think it was some sort of torture device. But regardless of appearances, the Stand Angle Chair is designed to “improve” comfort, rather than torture. The Stand Angle Chair can be switched into a variety of positions, including the ...

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SnuzNLuz Alarm Clock will get your ass out of bed

Be afraid…be very afraid. The SnuzNLuz Alarm Clock teaches you to be more punctual in one of the most torturous ways possible. SnuzNLuz connects directly to your bank account and donates money to an organization you can’t stand every time you oversleep. The example used is the GOP. For all we care you can set it to be the NAACP. ...

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Remotely deposit your checks with USAA

Depositing checks can really be a nuisance if you think about it. Remember that $12 check your Grandma sent you for your birthday last year that you never got to depositing? Sure…it’s only $12, but I mean come on, it’s $12 you don’t have. The problem is laziness. Laziness to get your geeky ass in the car and drive 20 ...

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ELPA warns geeks of the carbon dioxide they give out

Japanese company ELPA has introduced a meter that plugs between your AC and your electric appliance to measure the amount of electricity drawn out. Apart from just measuring the usual energy consumption over time in Watts, it also tells you how much you should be expecting to pay – in terms of yen according to standardized Japanese power charges. What’s ...

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Store up to 100,000,000 yen with the Jinsei Ginko ONE

Takara-TOMY showcased an updated version of the Jinsei Ginko Life Bank, instead of storing 500 yen coins, the new model will simply be a counter that you mount on water bottles, and it will count the number of 1 yen coins ($0.01) you have pushed through. Each counter can go up to 9999, but at the Toy Forum the company ...

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iCache lets you ditch all of your plastic cash

Are those credit cards pileing up in your wallet? Well, first off, you probably shouldn’t have that many cards, but if you insist, there might be something to come to your rescue. The iCache lets you register your credit cards online so that all of those credit cards can stay at home. The iCache keeps your card info secure (of ...

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