Stance Angle Chair: Just plain weird ergonomics


This chair doesn’t look comfortable at all. In fact, if you didn’t know that it was made to improve ergonomics, you’d probably think it was some sort of torture device. But regardless of appearances, the Stand Angle Chair is designed to “improve” comfort, rather than torture. The Stand Angle Chair can be switched into a variety of positions, including the standing position, which is supposed to be optimal for blood flow, but would defeat the purpose of even owning the chair.

The Stand Angle Chair is very expensive. It will cost you $1200-1500. For that kind of dough, we can’t help but recommend saving your money, and just standing up on your own. Also, an accessory which is called a TaskMate, which is actually more like a needed item than an accessory, will put you in the whole for another $900. Completely overpriced in our view, but hey, is having optimal blood flow that important to you? — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. medical mystery

    Some people have medical problems that keep them from being able to sit on their buttocks. This chair is for them. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be healthy.

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