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Mold Your Mouse Like We Mold Your Mind

You don’t know it, but you are fully in our mind-bending control. Oh, the power! You might not be able to manipulate minds as well as us, but you can experience molding to some degree with the Lite-On conceptual Moldable Mouse, which lets you custom mold your own ergonomics. Squeeze the Moldable Mouse into any shape you desire, or just ...

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Stance Angle Chair: Just plain weird ergonomics

This chair doesn’t look comfortable at all. In fact, if you didn’t know that it was made to improve ergonomics, you’d probably think it was some sort of torture device. But regardless of appearances, the Stand Angle Chair is designed to “improve” comfort, rather than torture. The Stand Angle Chair can be switched into a variety of positions, including the ...

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Homi USB eye and back protection

Being slouched in front of a computer all day causes disastrous effects on our eyes, necks, and backs, yet we hardly notice, or try to remedy it. We’ve even gone as far as lying to ourselves. “Oh, my lower back just hurts from sleeping on it wrong.” The Homi USB is placed at the top of your monitor and alerts ...

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