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Paypal Trials Mugshot Verification In The UK


Down at their headquarters in the UK, PayPal employees have decided that they need an easier way to pay for their purchases. Of course, being PayPal employees they want a method that utilizes PayPal. In an effort to promote easier purchasing, PayPal UK are pushing local Rochmond Upon Thames retailers to act as guinea pigs for their new PayPal based photo authentication system. The system works in participating businesses only and works utilizing photo identification.

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Make Money by Selling Your Unwanted Items Online


Your cupboards might be bursting at the seams, there is not one iota of spare space under the bed, under the stairs or even in the garden shed. All this clutter makes us feel sloppy and careless when what we want to feel is organized and capable. The satisfaction of sorting this out and converting all that clobber into cash cannot really be measured. Check out how it can be done easily online!

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4 Ridiculous Ways Rich People Have Spent Money

Carbon Fiber Toilet Seats

If you have ever had a little too much money burning a hole in your pocket, then chances are that you have made some poor purchasing decisions in the past. When it comes to making really ridiculous purchasing choices though, there are few worse offenders than those who have money to spare.

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Let’s Spend Mark Zuckerberg’s Money

A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? 6.9 billion dollars. That’s cool. And that’s how much Mark Zuckerberg is worth if you listen to financial projections. If you had Zuck’s mad FaceMash cash, what would you spend? This helpful little infographic makes some suggestions to Zuckerberg on how he should spend his money. Let’s put it this way. ...

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Functional ATM Made Out of LEGOs

LEGO designer Ronald McCrae created this amazing functional ATM made entirely out of LEGOs. How functional is it? Just check it out for yourself: This Lego NXT Automatic Teller Machine includes HiTechnic IRLink and a Codatex RFID Sensor, and just like any other ATM, it demands the PIN number. �Along with a functional keypad, a display screen, it flaunts 9�13 ...

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Lady Gaga Dollars Reveal George Washington’s Controversial Side

From the looks of that powdered wig, George Washington might have been a huge fan of Lady Gaga’s fashion sense had he been alive today. So enthused would he be that he might even steal some of her fashion tricks. These Lady Gaga dollars by Craig Gleason take a wolf and dress him in a very eccentric sheep’s clothing. George ...

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Mattress Wallet

The Mattress Wallet not only holds your money, but also provides that mouse in your pocket with a great place to sleep. Don’t feel like spending the rest of your life in prison? Then you’d best leave that “Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law” tag exactly where it is, even if it does bulge from your pocket. What’s with ...

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Diamond Chess Set is Too Opulent for Opulence

Featuring a ridiculous 9900 black and white diamonds, this Diamond Chess Set goes beyond opulence and skips right to “I’m so rich I use hundreds as toilet paper” and “I eat diamond encrusted cupcakes” money. The $224,000 price tag actually seems sort of low considering the crazy amount of craftmanship and the thousands of gems installed in the set. 4500 ...

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