4 Ridiculous Ways Rich People Have Spent Money

If you have ever had a little too much money burning a hole in your pocket, then chances are that you have made some poor purchasing decisions in the past. When it comes to making really ridiculous purchasing choices though, there are few worse offenders than those who have a little more than “too money” to spare.

Take a look at 4 ridiculous ways that rich people have spent money.

Carbon Fiber Toilet Seats
Via Coolmaterial.com

1. Carbon fiber toilet seats will set you back about $250. We’re not against being comfortable while you’re on the can but spending $250 for a toilet seat? We’re just saying, for that much it’d better at least come with a built in warmer.

Concrete Door Stop
Via Coolmaterial.com

2. Concrete door stops like this one go for a cool $3,500. This, we just don’t understand. Paying $3,500 for a wobbly shaped piece of concrete to hold your door open? Pay us $3,500 and we’ll hold the door open for you…or you could just use a couple of books or one of those $1 door wedge things from the dollar store.

Luxury Instant Noodles
Via Coolmaterial.com

3. Luxury instant noodles from Harrods will set you back $43 for one cup. There is nothing wrong with noodles…we’re just saying that if you have $43 to spend on a meal wouldn’t you rather get a steak? We’re pretty sure that for $43 you could get a decent steak dinner that wouldn’t remind you of your poor college kid days.

1500 Dollar Hotdog
Screenshot Via Yahoo News

4. A hotdog made from quarter-pound of premium beef and topped with lobster tail, saffron aioli, and gold flakes for $1,501. This doesn’t sound that bad if you’re a fan of hotdogs…or lobster tails…but spending $1,501 on a single hot dog is just ridiculous. We’re pretty sure you could buy a whole cow for that…or at least half of one.

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