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4 Ridiculous Ways Rich People Have Spent Money

Carbon Fiber Toilet Seats

If you have ever had a little too much money burning a hole in your pocket, then chances are that you have made some poor purchasing decisions in the past. When it comes to making really ridiculous purchasing choices though, there are few worse offenders than those who have money to spare.

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TV Hat Really Isn’t Worth The Public Embarrassment

I’m a huge fan of any type of huge contraption you wear on your head. There’s just something about the ridiculousness of this sort of design. The fact that some designer actually sat down and thought that people would actually wear this thing in public is simply astounding. With that being said, I have no shame and no reputation to ...

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Is Necky the Next Snuggie?

Look, even as a fan of the Snuggie, I think this whole Necky thing is a joke. Not only does it look ridiculous, sort of like a turtleneck on steroids (not that turtlenecks aren’t the sexiest style anyway) but I doubt it keeps you all that much warmer than a normal scarf and zipped up coat. It’s not like the ...

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Washboard Tie: Jug Bands Are So Hot Right Now

If you’ve been meaning to take that one-man jug band experiment from your dreams into fruition, but just haven’t been able to find a way to fit in all the instruments you’d need to put on a satisfactory show, look no further. We’ve found your new ridiculous tool of the trade. The Washboard Tie is played with a pair of ...

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Self-sustaining Suit Has You Walking Just To Sit

Here at Gearfuse, we’ve seen loads of stuff that has no practical use in real world applications. Take that toaster scanner thing for example, a neat idea but totally worthless to anyone who isn’t scamming people by selling Mother Teresa-faced toast on eBay. We recently took a look at JooYoun Paek’s website. She’s an artist and interactive designer that takes ...

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Tic Tac Toe Ashtray

Nothing brings together friends like a pack of smokes. Face off with your Parliaments as the trashy dude from across the train tracks whips out his Newports in a brilliant match of Tic Tac Toe. First one to die of cancer wins. $18 and a lifetime subscription to cancer are all you need to get started. Link (via)

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