Paypal Trials Mugshot Verification In The UK

Down at their headquarters in the UK, PayPal employees have decided that they need an easier way to pay for their purchases. Of course, being PayPal employees they want a method that utilizes PayPal. In an effort to promote easier purchasing, PayPal UK are pushing local Rochmond Upon Thames retailers to act as guinea pigs for their new PayPal based photo authentication system. The system works in participating businesses only and works utilizing photo identification. The idea is that when entering a participating business, users “check in” using the local section of their PayPal app and this sends your profile picture and name to the seller’s app allowing them to verify your information. Theoretically this is supposed to speed up transaction processing but we’re not sold. Isn’t it just quicker to whip out some cash and pick up your lunch that way? And what if the system goes down?

Call us alarmists but we’d prefer to stick to cash, coins and gold…you know, just in case of the zombie apocalypse.

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