Paypal Tells Customer to Smash Antique Violin Instead of Return It

Oh, Paypal. We’ve heard a lot about your mistreatment of customers lately, especially after the Christmas Charity scandal involving Regretsy. And yes you did read the title right — Paypal told a customer to destroy an antique violin instead of return it.

Here’s what happened — a seller put up an antique violin for sale. Someone bought it, but when they received it, they thought the violin’s label didn’t match the description. So, they contacted Paypal for advice. Paypal’s response? They told the buyer to destroy the violin, provide “proof” of the violin’s destruction, upon which Paypal would issue them a refund.

So, now the seller can’t get back the violin, and they’re also out the money they received for the violin. Well done, Paypal.

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  1. Totally believable based on my experiences with that “wonderful” company.

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