Solar-powered illuminated house numbers help night stalkers track you down


Ever been invited to a friends house for the first time at night, but had to call them 20 times because of the inability to see any of the numbered addresses on the houses? We’ve all been there. By the time you get to the house, your friend is already so sick of talking to you that hanging out just isn’t that fun. These solar-powered illuminated house numbers by EZView could help solve all of that.

During the day the numbers are turned off to charge for the rest of the day. At night, the numbers light up with a red glow that makes them visible up to 100 feet away. Plenty of room for most homes to be found easily. No need to worry about the elements either. The numbers are completely weatherproof. Each number strip costs $15, so the longer the number on your address, the more money you’re going to have to spend. Though, it will most likely save you hassle and money in the future. — Andrew Dobrow

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