ELPA warns geeks of the carbon dioxide they give out


Japanese company ELPA has introduced a meter that plugs between your AC and your electric appliance to measure the amount of electricity drawn out. Apart from just measuring the usual energy consumption over time in Watts, it also tells you how much you should be expecting to pay – in terms of yen according to standardized Japanese power charges. What’s more is that it calculates the amount of Carbon Dioxide incurred, so you can call that up with a button press and feel bad about yourself. I guess this is a self-check for geeks that cannot live without gadgets, or earth lovers trying to figure out how much power they can save by turning their refrigerators’ temperature up. This plug will only concern Japan in terms of displaying the correct power bill, the carbon dioxide and energy measurement can be applied anywhere I suppose. These power meters are being sold at $27 now. — Sam Chan


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