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Why You Need The SanDisk CFast 2.0!

SanDisk CFast 2.0

Are traditional memory cards not keeping up with your demands? Then you need to check out the SanDisk CFast 2.0! The SanDisk CFast 2.0 memory card and with read speeds of up to 450MB/s and write speeds of up to 350MB/s there is no doubt that it's the fastest memory card in the world...at least for now.

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Delicious DIY: Breadboard Memory Game

A duck. A cat. A rooster. Your mom. Quick, remember those four items and hold that thought. You’re going to need a sharp memory for building and playing this sweet memory game that you can build yourself, sans Arduino. It uses a Picaxe microcontroller, ensuring a headache of assembly-based program for all involved. The outcome does sound pretty rewarding though: ...

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Scientists Now Able To Memory Wipe Mice

I knew this day would come. The day I attempt to go on a beautiful vacation to Mars, only to realize that I’m really a secret agent fighting against an evil and corrupt Mars administrator. Yes, Total Recall. Dr. Joe Z. Tsien, a brain scientist and co-director of the Brain & Behavior Discovery Institute at the Medical College of Georgia ...

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Lenovo’s First Shot At Netbooks

Computing isn’t always about raw power and trying to build the best gaming rig out there. Sometimes the simple bare necessities will suffice.� Lenovo�s first netbook, the IdeaPad S10-42312CU, comes with all the bare necessities you’ll ever need to surf the web. Featuring a 10.2-inch 1024�600 widescreen display, an Intel Atom N270 single core processor running at 1.6GHz, GMA 950 ...

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