Sony Vita Will Use Proprietary, Expensive Memory Cards

Remember all of the drama surrounding Sony’s use of proprietary memory cards in the PSP (and PS2, and… well, you get the idea)? Well, it looks like the Vita will follow in that same business model. Sony has released the prices for the Playstation Vita’s proprietary memory cards, and they aren’t cheap.

A 4GB Vita memory unit (which aren’t the same as Sony’s existing Memory Stick line) will cost you $30. Here’s the price breakdown for all of the memory cards:

  • 4GB – $30
  • 8GB – $45
  • 16GB – $70
  • 32GB – $120

As you can see, these prices are much higher than microSD cards of the same storage sizes.

The Vita does have 32GB of internal storage, which is a huge upgrade from the PSP. However, we’ve already seen that the Vita will also be much more download-heavy when it comes to game files, making a memory card a possible necessity.


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