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Op-Ed: A Case For The PlayStation Network

Lately, I’ve been playing my PS3 quite a bit. But aside from UFC 2009: Unleashed, I haven’t been playing titles built for the system. No, I’ve been dropping $5 or $10 here and there and replaying classic PSOne titles. For $9.99, you can download games like Resident Evil: Director’s Cut and Final Fantasy VII and play them in all their ...

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Resident Evil Hits PSN

“Barry! Where’s Barry?!?!” If you recognize that quote, you, the master of all things lockpicking, is a big Resident Evil fan. As with most video game series, the original is always the best. So if you lost your old PSX copy of Resident Evil: Director’s Cut, have no fear. Capcom will be releasing the Director’s Cut version of the game ...

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Groove On This, Hippie: Free Phish Downloads

Some of us at Gearfuse enjoy the jam band Phish. Others hate them, but no one can deny their almost cult-like status as musicians. Considering their reunion shows for 2009 sold out in minutes, Phish didn’t want to leave the rest of their fans hanging around with no jam to groove on. The band has announced plans to make digital ...

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Fake Beer For Your iPhone

High tech gadgets and beer are both great, so you’d think that bringing the two together would be a smashing success right? Not true. Apparently, software developers don’t realize that the best part of drinking is actually getting drunk and you can’t get smashed just by looking at pictures of beer. First, there was the horrendous “Beer Pong” game for ...

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