Soft, Squishy Memory Could be Implanted in Your Brain

Recently, it seems like certain science fields have been focused a lot on developing implants and�enhancements�that could theoretically be integrated with a human body. While the concept of a human cyborg is still frightening to some people, we could theoretically come up with viable ways to enhance the human body using electrical components.

Researchers at the North Carolina State University have developed a type of soft memory that is biocompatible, and can even work in wet environments (such as the human brain).

Basically, it’s memory Jello.

Here’s what one of the researchers had to say about their new developments:

Our memory device is soft and pliable, and functions extremely well in wet environments — similar to the human brain.” — Researcher Michael Dickey

Does this mean that we’re one step closer to integrating electronics into brain function?


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