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MCE Tech. releases a Blu-ray burner for your Mac Pro

How badly have you Mac users wanted to have your very own Blu-ray burner? No matter, you can do it now. MCE Technologies has released a $699 Blu-ray Internal Recordable Drive so that you can use a disc instead of an external hard drive. One nice thing is that if you happen to want the Blu-ray burner but you think ...

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Shuttle announces the Mac Mini hating X200 mini-MCPC

Media center PCs are really picking up speed. Even if you didn’t buy a PC with the intended purpose of hooking up your cable to it, so many PCs have a TV tuner in them that the title of MCPC is beginning to lose its glamor. The new Shuttle X200 mini-media center PC completes every objective of Shuttle’s. It has ...

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Iomega releases Apple-esque external hard drives

Aren’t they pretty? You might be wondering, What are they? And hopefully you can tell that, by the Iomega logo on these bricks, that they are (not zip drives) some very Apple-ish hard drives! These two external storage devices are for Mac owners only, and why would a Windows user want such beautiful drives anyways? One can only wonder. The ...

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Stack your Mac Mini with Iomega’s MiniMax

So, you bought your little Mac Mini with ideal thoughts, right? It’s tiny form factor, OSX, its sleek style, and its cool little remote all sold you on the idea of using it as a DVR or media center PC. Who can blame you? It was a great idea at the time… until you came to the realization that while ...

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Sony copies ‘Get a Mac ads’

After almost a year of delays on their mammoth of a game console and a recall of over a million burning laptop batteries, Sony has decided to make themselves “cool” again by cloning Apple. Apple’s now infamous “Get a Mac” ad campaign is being duped by Sony Australia’s C-Series VAIO, which claims to be a “non-PC PC.” The VAIO ad ...

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