Stack your Mac Mini with Iomega’s MiniMax

iomega minimaxSo, you bought your little Mac Mini with ideal thoughts, right? It’s tiny form factor, OSX, its sleek style, and its cool little remote all sold you on the idea of using it as a DVR or media center PC. Who can blame you? It was a great idea at the time… until you came to the realization that while it maximum hard drive capacity of 160GB cuts it for a DVR, it’s not really acceptable for your pride and joy of a music collection, your family’s hundred thousand picture collection, and those movies you ripped to the hard drive. Don’t fret! Iomega has a new devise called the MiniMax to solve your problem. The MiniMax provides you with a half terabyte (500GB) of storage, 3 USB ports, and 3 Firewire ports for all your add-ons. It is priced at $280, a very resonable price considering that 500GB storage packed into that Mac Mini size case. The MiniMax is the exact size of the Mini, so they can stack without a problem.

  • Perfect Match for Mac ® mini – Adds up to 500GB of capacity to the Mac ® Mini which only comes with 80GB of capacity. This hard drive has the same footprint and matches the product design of the Mac ® Mini.
  • Expandable – More connection capabilities with three FireWire ports and a three-port USB integrated hub
  • Smart � Interactive cooling system with thermal probe automatically regulates fan speed
  • Secure � Comes complete with EMC Retrospect software for hassle-free backup and disaster recovery
  • Compact � Just 6.5� square and 2� tall, takes up minimal space
  • Stackable � Easily stacks with the Apple ® Mac ® mini or additional Iomega MiniMax� hard drives
  • Fast �
    • Up to 480MB/s transfer rate (USB 2.0)
    • Up to 400MB/s transfer rate (FireWire 400)
  • Technical Advantages �
    • FireWire 1394a 3-port repeater/hub
    • USB 2.0 high-speed 3-port hub
    • Smart power switch � will power up and down in tandem with Mac Mini
    • Special micro security slot designed to allow drive to be anchored to a desk

Nik Gomez

Iomega MiniMax [via UberGizmo]

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