MCE Tech. releases a Blu-ray burner for your Mac Pro

mce blu-ray internal recordable drive

How badly have you Mac users wanted to have your very own Blu-ray burner? No matter, you can do it now. MCE Technologies has released a $699 Blu-ray Internal Recordable Drive so that you can use a disc instead of an external hard drive. One nice thing is that if you happen to want the Blu-ray burner but you think that you’d also like to have a regualar CD and DVD burner, this drive is backwards compatible. For every drive you buy, you also recieve a copy of Toast 8 Titanium as well as a 25GB Blu-ray (BD-RE) rewritable disc. And just look at the picture, it looks cool too! Still, $700 is a killing…


Media Write (max) Read (max)
BD-R (Single Layer/Double Layer) 2x (9MB/sec) 2x (9MB/sec)
BD-RE (Single Layer/Double Layer) 2x (9MB/sec) 2x (9MB/sec)
BD-ROM N/A 2x (9MB/sec)
DVD-RAM 5x (6.9MB/sec) 5x (6.9MB/sec
DVD-R (Single Layer/Dual Layer) 8x(SL) (11MB/sec) / 4x(DL) (5.5MB/sec) 8x (11MB/sec)
DVD-RW 6x (8.3MB/sec) 8x (11MB/sec)
DVD+R (Single Layer/Double Layer) 8x(SL) (11MB/sec)/ 4x(DL) (5.5MB/sec) 8x (11MB/sec)
DVD+RW 8x (11MB/sec) 8x (11MB/sec)
DVD-ROM N/A 8x (11MB/sec)
CD-R 24x (3.6MB/sec) 32x (4.8MB/sec)
CD-RW 16x (2.4MB/sec) 24x (3.6MB/sec)
CD-ROM N/A 32x (4.8MB/sec)

Nik Gomez

MCE Blu-ray Internal Recordable Drive [via Newlaunches]

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