Iomega releases Apple-esque external hard drives

iomega ultramax

Aren’t they pretty? You might be wondering, “What are they?” And hopefully you can tell that, by the Iomega logo on these bricks, that they are (not zip drives) some very Apple-ish hard drives! These two external storage devices are for Mac owners only, and why would a Windows user want such beautiful drives anyways? One can only wonder. The Iomega UltraMax storage device weighs in at a hefty 1TB, whereas the smaller Black Series is only a single 120GB drive. Both drives support FireWire and USB 2.0, and both are bundled with Retrospect Express backup software. The UltraMax operates in RAID 0 mode by default, but if you want, you can switch it to RAID 1 Mirroring in order to backup your data. The UltraMax is formatted for a Mac out-of-the-box, but it is possible to format the drives to be compatible with a PC. The UltraMax 1TB is currently priced at about $500, while the Black 120GB is priced at around $190. Not exactly a bargain, but then again, they look amazing, so why not? — Nik Gomez

Iomega UltraMax and Black Series External Drives for Macs [SlashGear]

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