Shuttle announces the Mac Mini hating X200 mini-MCPC

shuttle x200

Media center PCs are really picking up speed. Even if you didn’t buy a PC with the intended purpose of hooking up your cable to it, so many PCs have a TV tuner in them that the title of MCPC is beginning to lose its glamor. The new Shuttle X200 mini-media center PC completes every objective of Shuttle’s. It has an extremely small form factor (the same as the X100) and has hardware comparable and superior to the Mac Mini. In terms of specific hardware, it will be compatable with an Intel 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo. The upgrade to the X200 also means losing the dedicated graphics, FireWire, and S-video of the X100 and replacing them with true components. Also nice (and necessary nowadays) is the integrated 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi tuner for your wireless internet at your house. While we do not have any information on pricing, the X200 will probably be fairly comparable to the X100 and Mac Mini. Because of Shuffle’s hatred for the Mac Mini, the X200 will probably beat it in pricing as well as features. — Nik Gomez

Shuttle intros X200 mini-PC, revives Mac Mini fight [Electronista]

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