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Audi Robots Light Up London With Your Messages

Audi has taken over London’s Trafalgar Square for the next week, transforming it into “an interactive message center” called Outrace. Eight giant, industrial robots from Audi’s production line will have LED lights attached to their arms. The robots will use the LEDs to scrawl messages in the air, much to the pleasure of the onlookers. But there is so much ...

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iBanksyMachine Allows Anyone To Be Banksy

Have you ever dreamed that you too could be a mysterious super-awesome political street artist like Banksy? Here is your chance, no matter how lame it might be. The iBanksyMachine is basically a vending machine which doles out instant Banksy stenciling kits. Included in the kits are stencils of some of Banksy’s most popular street pieces, along with spray paint ...

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Bright Bike Benedict

Benedict Radcliffe is an artist with a unique situation. He’s been creating beautiful fixed gear bikes over in London and the results are candy-like. Neon pink, orange, green and yellow adorn every angle of the bike, creating a look that even Naughty by Nature could appreciate. Too bad Benedict’s phone is ringing off the hook. The 1990s keep calling him; ...

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PS Lab Headlighting

Across the pond, PS Lab designed this light sculpture for DOS Architects. It uses recycled car headlights and regular incandescent bulbs. I bet it looks great when the sun goes down, giving the room a glow that’s reminiscent of Bioshock. Know what I mean? Regardless, it’s a nice use of old headlights. Maybe a night light made from an old ...

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Phone Box Lamp

You best be a full-blooded Englishman if I catch you buying this lamp. Yes, this is a lamp, not a phone booth as artist Finn Stone would like you to believe. For $6500, this gorgeous lamp can be yours. Of course at that price, you could afford a first class, week-long trip to London. I’ll let you decide which is ...

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