Bieber Barbershop Ransacked, Strangers Unite Online to Help

No, not Justin Bieber, who obviously doesn’t own a barbershop. This fellow’s name is Aaron Bieber, who has the misfortune to share a last name with America’s most-hated teenage pop star.

Aaron Bieber owns a barbershop in Tottenham, which was ransacked during the riots which have been erupting all over the UK. Seriously, who robs a barbershop? According to Aaron, they stole some hair dryers, miscellaneous hair tools and pretty much trashed his shop.

Thankfully, the internet came to the rescue. A group of interns from a London advertising agency read about Bieber’s story, and decided to help. They created a website for him, where strangers can donate to help the poor man rebuild his business. So far, they’ve managed to raise around $50,000.

In case you were wondering — no, Aaron won’t be keeping any of the “extra” money which isn’t required to repair his shop. Any excess funds will be used to help repair other destroyed businesses in his neighborhood.


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