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This Is What Happens When You Forget to Logout of Facebook

This is why if you share a family computer or if you’re in the library or something you always, ALWAYS, remember to logout of any personal account. Because regardless of if it’s your sister, a creepy old man or some other random infantile stranger, they’re almost definitly going to be a huge fan of Justin Bieber. Trust me, that’s just ...

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Whose Twitter Followers Are More Stupid? Stupid Fight Has the Answer

While the answer is likely very clear on whether the followers of the CERN or followers of Justin Bieber are, in general, smarter, what about a comparison that’s slightly more oblique. Let’s say, Justin Bieber followers vs Ashton Kutcher�followers. �Stupid Fight is a web app which tells you exactly which group of followers is more stupid. But how exactly do ...

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