The Fifth Element Multipass Comes To The London Transit System!

If you’ve seen the Fifth Element then you know all about the MultiPass and now the UK government is looking to implement their own MultiPass.

Fifth Element

The UK Goverment innovation board has approved funding to begin an all in one pass in 2014 that will function in train stations, subways and airports. The new pass will be referred to as the MultiPass and utilizes a pass card with an e-inc barcode. The barcode itself will serve as the individual “passes” for each form of travel. The system will be cloud based and according to the company producing it, it will even ensure that travelers always get the best rates.

Will the MultiPass allow for travelers to pay for all other aspects of travel as well? Say, a book at the airport or parking at the train station? No word yet but future users are helpful that this streamlined system will have these additional “perks” built in.

Two tests of the new MultiPass system will begin in 2014 and will take place in Glasgow and London  and it is anticipated to become a centralized travel system by 2015.

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